4 Types of synthetic grass for home terrace

Synthetic grass is often used for many needs. According to its function, the type also varies. From the synthesis of grass to the terrace or outdoors.  Others choose for sports purposes in futsal, football, Rugby, tennis, Golf, baseball and others. There are also used to beautify aquariums, parks and many other necessities.

From its understanding, synthetic grass is a natural grass-like surface made from synthetic materials. Its use is now increasingly popular as there are some highlighted advantages such as unnecessary ground media, weather or seasons to take care of it. Utilization also tends to be stronger and more durable than natural grass.

There are advantages, of course there are disadvantages. Synthetic turf should be applied to routine cleaning and there are chemicals from synthetic fibers that impact the environment. However, most people still choose it as the mainstay. His own variations will be distinguished by their type, size and benefits.

If you are interested in using this artificial turf, at least you need to know the features of a good quality synthetic grass, Tips to keep grass endurance, how to care until you install both on the floor, outdoor, ceramics, concrete and others. Well, for more information, let us see the full explanation below.

Synthetic turf for Terrace (Outdoor)

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Choosing a good quality synthetic turf is as follows:

1. Observe the quality of synthetic grass

Before finally using synthetic grass products, the most important thing is you need to recognize the quality of the grass itself. Generally, grass distributors in particular will provide the best quality to customers and their buyers. However, still knowing the details and checking directly is important.

Some of the components you need to look out for are ranging from grass texture. If it is noted that the poor artificial turf will have a characteristic that is hard, rigid, and not soft when touched. In addition, there is also a strong scent and smell and a fast fading color.

More specific characteristics artificial grass/synthetic good, namely:

  • Grass is not easily lifted. Generally good artificial grass on the back is woven.
  • There is a catchment to drain water.
  • A good synthetic grass color will fade over a period of 10-15 years or even more.
  • There is flame retardant coating for resistance to fire.

2. Avoid the grass with harmful substances

The raw material used to create the artificial grass is also worth noting. When you choose a distributor or shop try to ask related raw materials used. As much as possible, you should choose a type of grass that does not contain harmful substances. Like carcinogens.

Carcinogens are substances that can trigger cancer because it is based on recycling. Therefore, it's important to know the synthetic grass brand information before you buy and install it. Make sure that your choice is true – completely safe and comfortable.

3. Pay attention to the reasonable price

Generally, buyers before buying will see prices or tariffs priced. For that, you can not choose the goods with cheap price because we do not know how with the quality. Meanwhile, when priced at an expensive price, you also need to be wary of whether the price corresponds to the quality. You can be mistaken if the seller is a scammer.

So to watch out, try to come to some recommended stores and gather information about the artificial turf. You can chat with the seller. If the price makes sense and in accordance with the criteria of quality turf you can buy it.

4. measure properly installed fields

Once you have gotten the synthetic grass that corresponds to the criteria on the three points above. Then, then you need to know how to determine the installation. The first step is to look at the size and surface of the artificial grass. Did you know? Synthetic grass will be easier to attach when the surface is flat or made of cement.

To say that there are various ways. Some are using wood glue or with nails. Make sure that the installation is safe. When using nails, it is better to be fitted with a distance of 30x30 cm. You need to measure all the fields appropriately, if there is less or more this will reduce the aesthetics.

5. Do the cleaning on its surface

The next step is to clear the surface. Make sure the floor is clean so it will facilitate in the process of gluing with glue. Once clean, you can do the installation if the condition is correct – completely dry. Do not forget to clean parts of the artificial grass as well.

When the grass is stuck, let the artificial grass lay in the period of 3 -5 hours in advance. This is done to make sure whether the expansion occurs or not. If you feel enough, you can either nailed or glued on the sides of the side.

Introduction to synthetic grass types and specifications

1. Synthetic Grass Golf

This type of grass is a grass commonly referred to as the term dumor m-10. This grass has at least only 10 mm tall. However, for the texture it will feel softer and smoother.

It is usually used to make mini golf course, garden, landscape, wall decorations etc. As for the durability is only about 9-11 years only when used only in indoor. While the outdoor can last up to 7-8 years.

2. Synthetic Grass Golf KW

For this type of artificial grass from plastic material. Generally it has a height of 10 mm. The advantages offered are in terms of easy maintenance. However, in terms of durability can only reach 7 -8 years for indoor and 6-7 years for outdoor.

3. Japanese synthetic Turf

The next is the Japanese synthetic turf. This grass is made of monifillament material with a height of 20 mm. With the naked eye, this type of grass is very similar to the original Japanese turf or live grass.

Usually, the color of this grass is the side of the dead grass so it is not dominant with green color that shows the natural side. This grass can withstand 11 -12 years in an indoor location and 10 -11 years if outdoors.

4. Swiss Synthetic Turf

Whether used for outdoor or indoor, this type of grass still shows its finer excess and has a natural green color. The other characteristic is that it tends to be 30 mm in height.

Although the texture is softer, but the strength of this grass should not be doubtful. Because of the durability of this type of grass is the same as the type of landscape commonly used for football or futsal field.

The explanation above is basic information that you need to know before in the end choose to use this artificial turf. A variety of tips and tricks need to be applied to produce durable artificial turf to your liking.

Get a great promo on every purchase for a discounted rate and quickly create your inspiring ideas with this beautiful, green artificial turf. Do not forget to consult the store in advance to the shop that you have entrusted with the basic knowledge above. So much this information and thank you.

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