Iceland Route One with Sigur Rós

As we have already mentioned in previous posts, it was the music of Sigur Rós and their videos that awakened our curiosity for Iceland, a curiosity that evolved until we made our trip through its magnificent landscapes.

A few days after our trip, at the summer solstice of 2016, the Sigur Rós hosted a 24-hour live broadcast on Icelandic public television, which consisted of a "slow tv" show in which a car made Route One during the 24 Times of Day.
This trip, with 1332km around the whole Iceland, was transmitted live on Iceland National TV and on Youtube, making use of 4k 360º cameras. It is possible to see normally on a computer screen, tablet or TV, but what we recommend is to make use of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality and your smartphone, and feel as if you are exploring the idyllic landscapes of Iceland.

To make the experience even more fantastic, it's all performed to the sound of Sigur Rós, with the transformation of a band's music. As Iceland lies right on the edge of the Arctic Circle, on that day the dark night does not even exist's, so the experience is even more great. It's a great way for anyone who, like us, has already visited Iceland and wants to "visit" again or, for anyone planning their trip, to get a first picture of what their trip will be along Route One, a perfect destination for a family trip whit your childrens.

You can see all the videos here:

We hope you like it so much as we did. If you want to discover more about our family trip on Route One in Iceland, see it here.

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