The best of Changi Airport (Singapore) on a trip with childrens

Things to do in Changi Airport
Singapore was our gateway to Asia and also our departure, something commonto many families like ours, as this is one of the busiest airports in the world and is also considered one of the best airports in the world, which also did not stop being our opinion when we passed.

If on arrival our departure was quick and efficient (you can see here how to get out of Changi airport to the center of Singapore), with a quick exit from the airport towards the city, on our return to Europe we did a stopover of several hours at the airport, so we did a previous study of what we could do in the family to make these hours as pleasant as possible, as well as to know the best of one of the best and most famous airports in the world. And, we can assure you, this is one of the most family friendly airports in the world.

What to do?

Free Singapore Tour
This is a wonderful airport and one of the offers is even a must see. We did not use it because we were staying in Singapore two days early in our trip but if you are just passing through the airport and the waiting time for your flight is more than 5:30 am you can hold a Free Singapore Tour.

This is a fantastic and free option to get to know a bit of a fantastic city and make the most of the waiting hours for your plane. There are two tour options, the Heritage Tour, with daytime departures that will take you to the city's historic districts such as Chinatown, Litle India and Kampong Glam. The other option of Tour is the City Sights Tour, which takes you to know the modern Singapore more at the end of the day and to see the magnificent colors of the city as the day gives place to the night.
To be able to do these tours, you must make a previous registration (it is easy to find the place to do it, because there are several signs to indicate) until one hour before the departure of the bus, in Terminal 2 and 3. You can not go through immigration to be able perform this tour. For more information on up-to-date schedules and how to register, see the website here.

The best for families in each Terminal

Terminal 1

Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi
And how about enjoying Singapore's heat to be in the pool? This is not a free possibility, the cost is SD $ 17 per person but you can use the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi and the bathing facilities from 6am until 00h. The pool is on level 3 of Terminal 1, overlooking Aerotal Airport and, if you are a guest of the hotel you will not have to pay for the use of the pool.

Cactus Garden

And if we tell you that, also at Changi airport, can you visit a Cactus garden? Well, it is possible. Also in Terminal 1, Level 3, and free access, you can see a collection with more than 100 catos, with origins scattered throughout the different corners of the world, such as Africa, Asia, America. This garden on the roof is also served by a bar, which allows you to unwind and have a cool drink while you wait for your flight.

Terminal 2

How about going to the movies? (Terminal 2 and Terminal 3)

This is, for us, one of the main attractions of Singapore airport. This fantastic airport is equipped with two movie theaters which, functionally free for 24 hours a day and allows you to watch free movies for recent ages for different age groups. Without doubt a great way to spend your time, which you can take advantage of either Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

We advise you to see in advance the schedule of the two rooms on the official website of the airport (see here), and make the choice of your preference. The company may close a few hours during the week for maintenance, so we also advise you to consult the site to see the time when this happens.

Enchanted Garden

Something we can not recommend is a tour of the Enchanted Garden of Singapore's Terminal 2. This garden will not fail to marvel your children as well as adults as they pass by and the flowers made with glass mosaics come to life through the colorful LEDs that light your way. To visit this magnificent combination of nature and technology.

Orchid Garden & Koi Pond

This is a beautiful garden, located at Level 2, with about 700 orchids of diverse colors of more than 30 species and with a small artificial lake with carp. In the middle of one of the busiest airports in the world, it is phenomenal to find a space with such tranquility.

Sunflower Garden

And, since we are talking about Jardins, also in this terminal and, in Level 3, next to the cinema you can enjoy the Sunflower Garden. This garden is outdoors and has more than 500 sunflowers, of various species.

It also has the special incentive to enable a special view for the landing and take-off of airplanes.

Entertainment Deck

And how about being able to play XBOX or Playstation3 while waiting for your next flight? Well, you can do it on Entertainment Deck, as well you can abstract yourself while listening to your favorite songs on MTV Both. If you want, you can still enjoy the cafeteria, and pass the time ...

Family Zone

This is a great place for children of different ages and ideal for rest while your children entertain themselves. Very nicely decorated and, with the TV constantly playing children's programs, could be a great option to spend time. To access the Family Zone, you will have to climb the stairs and it is on the opposite side of the Playground.

Xperience Zone

If what you want is not to play but watch sports, you can do it in the Xperience Zone, where they are broadcast on big sports screens from all over the world. It's located on Level 2.

Terminal 3

The Slide @ T3
And what about riding the biggest slide in the world inside an airport? There are two versions of this slide, one for the youngest with more than 1.1 in height, in which it can descend once free of charge and the larger version, for which it must be more than 1.3 meters high. This second is no longer free, but for every ten euros you spend at Changi airport, you are entitled to one ticket. Please note that the Slide is not working all day, so we advise you to consult the airport website to be more certain of the hours of operation and how to access. 

Butterfly Garden

In this special airport neither a garden of butterflies is missing! It is in Terminal 3 that you will find the famous Butterfly Garden of Changi Airport. It has more than 1000 butterflies of about 40 species. It is a visit that does not take much time to accomplish. To visit this butterfly, you must have your boarding pass and we promise that it is very worthwhile during the day, because at night the butterflies are sleeping and the beauty is smaller.

Let's go to the movies?

Close to the Butterfly Garden is the Movie Theater. As in Terminal 2, this terminal also has a free movie theater. See the schedule here.

Terminal 4

Heritage Zone
Terminal 4 is the newest and most modern terminal at Changi Airport, and for those who travel with family, the main attraction is the Heritage Zone, designed to convey to the traveler what was former Singapore. Here you can learn a little more about Singapore's past, before it has transformed into this modern metropolis, and learn more about its culture.

All 4 Terminals

Free Wi-Fi

Since 2002, before it has become more common, Changi Airport offers its passengers free Wi-Fi. You will also find over 550 Internet Stations available to the airport logo, so it will be easy to stay connected to those you love.

Play Areas

At the 4 terminals of the airport you will find Play Areas, well located and easy to find through the signs along the airport. These areas are aimed at children from 1 to 12 years and only a great option for the game during a few hours of waiting.

Interactive art

And how about your son take home his high work? Through the 4 terminals you will find a block of wood, with crayons and flas that will allow the child to realize artistic creations inspired by the local popular culture.

Free-to-use rest areas

If rest is what you really want, look for one of the rest areas distributed by the different terminals of the airport and, relax and unwind. You will feel how much this airport likes to pamper you.


But what if you want to do something to rest but to shop, you know that Changi Airport is also known as one of the best places to shop and the offer is huge! Check here the official website of the airport to see the offer of shops. 

Eat and drink

Of course, staying at the airport for several hours requires you to think about where to eat, and this is an issue where the airport will not leave you behind. You can check here to see different options for choosing different terminals  but if you can, we recommend that you go to T3 and enjoy the Singapore Food Street.

This is a street designed to resemble an old street in Singapore and with a wide gastronomic offer that will surely leave you with a great experience before your departure from Singapore. It is located in Basement, level 2 of Terminal 3 and is very easy to find. Look for escalator or lift 65.

Although it is off the passenger boarding point, it is possible to go there as long as you have your boarding pass to the next flight. It has about 20 stalls, with prices very similar to those found in the city.

Best Changi Airport Secret to Eat

So what if we told you that the best place to eat at Changi airport is in the staff canteens? And, for very, very affordable prices. Intended to serve the hundreds of employees operating at the airport, these canteens have a wide range of culinary offerings to satisfy the tastes of workers from various countries. For prices ranging from SD $ 2.5 to SD $ 5, you can have a delicious meal. The presentation is not the most careful, with meals served on paper plates, with plastic cutlery but with such tasty meals that it is often people who come specifically to the airport to eat there.

It is also not easy to find, as it is not yet signposted, but we advise you to read this CNN article to know how to get there.

We hope this article will help you organize your time at Changi Airport in Singapore. If you want to go to the city center, you can see here how to get there and if you plan to spend a few days in the city, see here for some ideas that can help you plan your trip.

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