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Managing needs and desires, sounds easy but difficult

There are two different things to live a life that is often indifferentiable, especially when shopping. What is it? Needs and desires. When you are unable to distinguish or manage your needs and desires, we will be trapped in a variety of financial problems. In fact our goal is to achieve financial independence. But the result is unable to resist self-temptation or desire to spend money, which happens instead.

Indeed, the needs and desires of a person can essentially vary according to the profession and situation. For example, a student wants to have the latest laptop product made by Apple just to make it look cool. It can be called as a desire, because basically its benefits are not too much for him. However, when the same product was bought by programmers, designers, disc jockeys, and other professions that require a laptop product to be capable of It could be called as a necessity.

What the heck is the difference of need and desire?

In a language, the need is any desire that arises in humans that if not met can influence its survival. Items belonging to a group of needs also give the psychological aspect of being the basis or reason of living beings in the running of activities. For, basically man works to fulfill his needs.

What are the items that go in the needs group? Maybe you've heard the terms "clothing, food, and boards" or clothes, food, and shelter. What's just that? No, there are many more, such as health, education, income, and others that can affect our lives.

Contrary to necessity, desires are all desires that arise in human beings that if not fulfilled do not affect the survival of his life. The real desire must also be fulfilled, so that people feel more satisfied to improve the welfare. But if not fulfilled, then the welfare of the human being will not diminish and will not affect his survival.

What are the products included in the wishes? A lot of it! Even clothes can turn into products that include wishes. This is because the purpose of the purchase was only to fulfill the desire for his or her favorite in the product, not because he had no more clothes or need.

How to manage your needs and wishes?

There are several ways to be done to help manage your needs and desires. What are you? Here it is his return.

1. Don't view Brand or brand's products

1. Don't view Brand or brand's products

Already mentioned that the actual clothes including the required items can be changed to be desired. One of the reasons is because in the case of dress, you include an impulsive shopper or a reputable brand. Start changing the habit, start a new habit that can save your finances by thinking that the brand is not everything. Change it with the assumption that we are not what we wear, but rather how to wear it. Used clothes can look beautiful when worn properly and you will wear them.

2. Don't hang out too often in cafes and the like

2. Don't hang out too often in cafes and the like

In this case, try to reduce your curiosity to a new menu that many eateries have to offer. Indeed, it is possible that the food is delicious, but how does it result in the unpalatable life? Therefore, try reducing time hanging out in daily activities such as eating or drinking in restaurants or cafés. Not only on holidays, but also every day. Bring your place to work or school to save money.

3. Don't wash your eyes on the mall too often

3. Don't wash your eyes on the mall too often

One of the places that must be avoided when trying to save is the mall. Because there is a gathering place of famous brands to sell their products. A wide variety of cool and cute expensive items that can provoke us shopping without a plan are available there. Therefore, avoid shopping centers like this, or at least reduce the frequency of their upcoming.

4. Create a routine Agenda every week

4. Create a routine Agenda every week

One way we avoid visits to unnecessary places such as malls or cafés is to create a schedule of routine activities. Later on, this will not only help us get the job done on time and on target, but also control what is needed every day. It even includes to control daily spending that is more referring to needs, and not wishes.

Love your life, fulfill your needs first

For those of you who are accustomed to spending money by shopping, eating, drinking, and so on. Try to start learning to differentiate your needs and desires. Indeed, it is not easy to start something that was not thought. However, if not tried, how can I know. Therefore, let's start managing your needs and desires wisely. 

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