5 The not-so-known Xiaomi REDMI Note 7 features

Nowadays, there are so many brands of HP Android and famous smartphones. One of them is Xiaomi. Almost all Smartphone users in Indonesia use products originating from this Beijing city. How is it possible? Obviously, it is seen in terms of prices which are relatively inexpensive and equipped with designs as well as specifications that are not less sophisticated with a smartphone of comparable more expensive. This is the reason most people choose HP Xiaomi to be their flagship and favorite electronic device. Do you also feel so? Xiaomi's exclusive feature is also guaranteed for its users to feel at home.

From year to year Xiaomi continues to strive to pamper people's eyes with the technology added to their new version. They continue to update this Android service to fit and suitable for users ' needs. For example many users desperately need HP with larger specifications RAM, clear camera, slimmer design, stylish, trendy and so forth. Well, this new community has just been in shake with the presence of the latest version of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. This smartphone gained positive value from its users due to the many advantages offered and not owned by other smartphones.

Who think Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 has a lot of services advanced features, some of which are not much known by people. What is it? You will surely be amazed by the mobile Android on this one. The secret feature in this modern HP will make you more slang and comfortable. While every Android device has its own weaknesses or disadvantages, REDMI Note 7 saves more of its excellence. Well, from the benefits this is what will spoil you in the day-to-day activities such as storing data, taking pictures, or making videos, speakers with clear sound, playing games and other things.

Interested to immediately have mobile with this powerful feature? Well, to further equip your knowledge of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, please see in advance what are the features of one of the Xiaomi brand HP types that you must try? In order to maximize the use of Xiaomi's Android version, you will be able to make the most out of this feature. Want to know? Immediately we see the description below.

5 The not-so-known Xiaomi REDMI Note 7 features

1. Easy Navigation System

The navigation bar can be included in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Thanks to its full screen display and can be given through quick changes. As a first, you can select first to hide the navigation bar or to change the button. These settings can be found generally at the very bottom of the settings and then additional settings after that switch to buttons and gesture shortcuts. 

However, if you want to be one step ahead of the above, it is advisable that some applications from third parties in the Google Playstore service are able to overhaul the display on the set of buttons that do not have this color. For example, one of the applications is the Navbar app. Here you are possible to paint the navigation bar with a variety of beautiful colors. The not less interesting anymore, you can paste various images into the navigation bar. Interesting to try?

2. Cool Gallery Features

Your gallery will look different with the usual, because your new phone will be equipped with an intenal collage. What does that mean? This means you can pull out all the collage maker apps on a third party. Where this feature allows you to choose the layout option and offers many of the many cool grid options. To open it you can start with the Gallery app by selecting the three Dot menu and select the collage. Then the next step, with the inclusion of MIUI 10 on Redmi Note 7 means you can get the Erase option in the image editing tool.

So on another occasion you need skills at the Photoshop level to be able to remove various objects that you don't want from the image. When you have to know which button to press. Generally all you have to do is press the Edit Options option, then select the Delete option and tap the area where you want the object to be deleted.

3. Quick Screenshoot with 3 fingers

Ever thought of taking screenshots in a way other than pressing the power and volume buttons together? Now the latest version of the REDMI Note 7 is the latest way to do screenshoot. The latest way is to swipe the bottom of the screen upwards with three fingers. Not interesting? So you can choose to use this old or new way. Which are more efficient and practical in your opinion? The Screenshoot movement itself is already available in MIUI for a long amount of time. If this feature is disabled for a variety of reasons, you can reactivate it in the Settings section and then click the additional settings next to select a gesture option.

4. Game Speed Booster

If you are a heavy game player or like playing a game on Android, you should immediately take advantage of the game Speed Booster option available in MIUI 10 on this Redmi note 7. This feature will add to the sensation that you play more enjoyable because it can improve the overall gaming experience by turning off all the processes and apps in the background that are unnecessary. 

Once you activate it, it will also erase the cached portion of the background that you don't need to be able to free up memory to freely play games, increase the gaming connection speed, improve CPU performance, restrict download speed Background to reduce network delays. And do not forget to turn off notifications and turn off the delete button to prevent accidental pressing of buttons. To find the speed booster this game is in the Security Application section.

5. Features Display RAM usage

With RAM up to 6GB capacity, this REDMI Note 7 branded Hp packs quite a lot to be able to run heavy applications and games without any problems or constraints. If you are a user who loves to monitor RAM usage on your device, the latest features allow you to do this. Of course you want to display the amount of free RAM on the screen, it's quite easy. You just have to go to the settings section and then to the home and recent sections, then select the Memory Status option. It's so easy? 

This is information about electronic devices especially modern-day HP Android that many find and use this year. In the coming year, Xiaomi will again release its latest version with the completeness of different features and advanced ore. Xiaomi also released other types of advanced smartphones in addition to Xiaomi REDMI Note 7 including Redmi Go, Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro and many more. However, companies ilk is not inferior to continuously improve their performance, such as Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Apple, Assus and others.

Not only about the standard mobile phone Android or Smartphone only, now also present the latest version in the form of tablets, iPad, Tab, Laptop and Notebooknya. So, if you are interested please look for more information on the favorite electronics stores in your area. Or you can also search for information about the latest prices in online marketplace such as Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Zilingo, Zalora and others. Usually there are also discounted prices or discounts on every purchase, you can try to find and get various attractive promo. Many information about mobile Smartphone popular this year. Hopefully it can help.