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5 bad habits that interfere with your finances

As much as you earn every month, it's free if you have a bad habit of managing your finances. Instead of growing prosperous, it actually makes the financial condition worse. The bad habits are not only effects in the present, but also in the future. In fact, the worse way of life will be difficult to change, which will ultimately make your net income amount uninfluential.

Imagine if you have been living in a household and have responsibilities to couples and children, but still have a bad habit of doing financial management? If not stopped, that bad habit would harm all family members. In fact, the worst event is that you'll be stuck in an endless debt. Digging holes, spending money on unnecessary and undisciplined needs saving. Well, here's a bad habit of financial management to avoid.

1. Excessive spending

1. Excessive spending

Believe it or not, the encouragement of shopping is much influenced by emotions, especially for women. For example, you go to the mall, then see the discounted favourites and feel bad not to buy them. If you buy the item directly, it means you're experiencing a ' shopping boost ' syndrome that can't be controlled. Shopping because it is irrational, without considering the need, can make the financial plan messy.

To overcome this, try to refrain from buying dissonant items for some time. It will give you time to think quieter before deciding to buy. Also think about whether you really need that item or just the emotional influence of a discount temptation.

2. Never make a financial plan

2. Never make a financial plan

You will never be able to maintain financial security if you do not make a financial plan and obey the plan. Basically, the financial plan is made to make it easier for us to see how much the flow of income flows in daily life. By making a financial plan, you'll also be able to easily set up expense posts, make adjustments, and even change the management posts to be saved for emergency purposes.

To help you manage your financial plan, try to use digital tools like mint.com that automatically tracks the expenses you've made and appears on the main display of your computer or other gadgets every day. Make sure it's all fixed on track and make adjustments if needed.

3. Too dependent on credit card

3. Too dependent on credit card

You are strictly forbidden to use any of these financial products, unless you can be sure to pay a ' debt ' to the bank on time. Imagine if you are using a credit card to finance unnecessary expenses and not be worth the amount of income. Of course the miserable is ready to come.

Any interest payable per month of credit card use may endanger financial life. Because, you could potentially get stuck with endless debts if you've been addicted to using this product uncontrollably.

4. "Too diligent" hangout

Once on a time, buying food or drinking in a café or restaurant would be very enjoyable. But, if it is used as a habit, it means you are a lazy person and instead are self-plunged in undesirable conditions. Stop hanging out excessively. Change the habit by buying groceries as needed, if you need to only buy the ingredients, and then the market itself to eat. This simple effort will make your savings grow more because it saves you unnecessary expenses.

5. To put personal ' hobbies '

5. To put personal ' hobbies '

Personal ' hobbies ' of bad habits include drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling. Similarly to women who are hooked shopping or any habits that make you spend a lot of money that is not actually needed. It had to be stopped immediately. For example, if you spend Rp12 thousand daily money to buy cigarettes. Means already issued Rp360 thousand for a month that can actually be utilized for a more useful thing.

Change your bad habits, love your money from now on!

Many bad consequences can be caused by doing bad habits that can make financial chaotic. If you don't want to feel it, stop doing the habit and change it by doing good things. The effect, not just your life will be happier, but the wallet will also be thicker.

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