10 STARTUP businesses in Indonesia and its development needs to be tried

Startup business has made significant progress due to the development of advanced and modern technology. An even easier access to the Internet can also affect it. Do you understand what business startup itself? Maybe some people do not yet know about this type of business because the Word startup itself is a foreign language that is English that shows to a form of business that has just been released. In Indonesia itself has developed various business startup ideas that can be tried by those of you who want to start pioneering the business.

According to the source of information that can be from Wikipedia.org, Startup has a sense that is a stub. Commonly referred to as a startup with another spelling form star-up. This word refers to all the works that have not long been in operation. The company is a new company that still exists in the research and development phase to find the right market. Well, from that definition we can conclude that the startup is a business that has just evolved. This business is of course smelling technology like WEB, Internet and other related things, because its appearance along with advances in Internet technology.

Nowadays, the majority of business drivers at startup are among young people. Actually, in how to start and run this new business is not very difficult. The most important thing is that you have a short and innovative idea that can attract the appeal of investors so as to invest in capital and help grow your company. One real proof Starup company that has managed to reach Decacorn status with a large company value exceeding USD 10 billion is Grab and Gojek. Their presence is able to inspire many entrepreneurial entrepreneurs to try the Startup business.

A Startup that has this promising potential, if it continues to thrive in our country Indonesia. Over the course of the next few years, it can not close the possibility of capturing up to nine digits. Students or students also try to learn it. Some even began to summarize in the form of startup business paper samples so that their knowledge of how to start, run and provide a simple example can help beginners. Some of us have discussed it before, next to the business idea, what is included in the startup business idea that is most interesting and worth trying. You can get the answer below. Please be listened.

10 STARTUP businesses in Indonesia and its development needs to be tried

1. Online Service Access

We are already living in a modern era, which all activities and activities can be done easily, quickly and practically. Many people are increasingly lazy to get out of the house because without leaving the problem needs already resolved with technology. From the activity of buying an item, paying for something, to delivering food, transportation shuttles, etc., all of which can be run via online. 

Well, from that situation you can find a good Startup business idea. Of course through online access services will be a community need. You can think of various online access services that you want to try. As an example is the message – between food, the purchase of electricity tokens, the rental of private teacher services online, take – Send goods, payment of WiFi bills or indihome and much more. As the world continues to experience its development in a practical modern direction, the Startup you run will be increasingly popular.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Since its existence namely Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), this technology has been regarded as one of the best innovations made by humans. If you've often seen in a super-sophisticated Hollywood movie movie. Well, VR and AR is already helping humans to feel the thrill of a digital world that will look real true as the original. Even in the future, this technology from AR and VR will begin to apply to all related fields.

Although as we know, now this game is the biggest industry for the utilization of AR and VR existence, but for the future time other fields will also develop these two technologies. So this will of course create a startup idea that uses AR and VR in view by many investors. In the future, startups with AR and VR will have a very bright and exciting future to start using.

3. Translator Services

In the era of globalization, the world community in require must unite in the international language. Not only for the needs in the educational world, but it will be the wider other customs such as industry, politics to the economy. Especially since the emergence and development of the MEA (Asean Economic Community), making diplomatic relations between these countries will develop. That's why translation services are one of the ideas that many people will need. So it is possible for translators to become a potentially large company.

4. Children's World

Children have great potential in the world of startups. Why? As the era progresses, especially at this time, most of the parents have familiarized their own fruits to know the technology and to have gadgets. A wide variety of videos from games or online games, education, getting to know the world around and other is likely to be a huge business potential. A startup business that prioritizes the need for a child's world will be positive for parents. Of course when coupled with things – teaching and positive. 

Not only will it help the child to acquire content on the Internet media, the child's world startup also has the chance of success on the sides of parents. For example, parents need to take care of their children, especially young parents who just have their first child. Such as child care tips, tips on delivering effective children's education as well as other fun and creative children's world.

5. The world of women

Not inferior to the children's world, the world for women today is also reported to be one of the startup business ideas that promise a bright business future. We can see its own development in today that continues to evolve, especially the needs of women in Internet. Of course this is done to get their needs daily – a varied day. From facial treatment, body, beauty tips, latest beauty products, skincare, celebrity gossip, fashion and latest fashion models, food recipes or cakes to funny things like cute cat videos on the internet. These are some examples of great startup opportunities in the female world.

6. Government Services

Next, the ever-outdated startup idea is government service. It is undeniable that nowadays there is a lot of popular affairs just the time and arguably outdated. Is that true?  YAA, but the community's need for government affairs will never disappear or run out. Even when all things become digital, not all of the state apparatus is enough to understand today's technology. For this reason, business ideas in government service matters have enormous potential in various communities.

7. Education World

In life, we need education every time. It is not dependent on old and young age, children, who are still teenagers or adults. From various professions, technology and field all need teaching media that is education. Nowadays, education can be obtained not only in school or college. Unless we are already in the world of modern era that utilize all the activities in the all digital mode. You can start to take advantage of this one business idea in startup. Because of the great opportunities until later in the future.

This education could be about combining technology, creating a special application where teachers and students can communicate with each other online anytime and anywhere. In fact not only conventional science education, the application is also expected to provide non-FORMASL science as well as sewing handicrafts, salons, workshops that are needed by the wider community. A startup application in the field of educational technology is what can be developed for developing countries such as Indonesia to reduce the amount of unemployment.

8. Health Consultation

Later in the future, it is possible that doctors in the hospital and health clinics will be replaced by the presence of health consultation applications. Even at this moment we can already feel many of the modern era society who prefer to consult the doctors only through online applications in their electronic devices. It can never be separated from the habit of people who rely heavily on the internet. For example is in the UK country for example which is predicted at its peak in 2025, the medical online application market will reach up to USD 11.2 billion. Not interesting?

With the population of Indonesian population, it is clear that this business will reach its popularity even higher. That is why startup business ideas as health consultations will be very potential in the future. You can innovate to connect your doctors, pharmacists, patients with each other online in one app. This will be very helpful for people who can not have the opportunity to go to the hospital because of busyness and others.

9. Entertainment world

We all need entertainment. And as time goes on, modern technology is becoming a trend that can not escape from society. Many benefits are felt because the use of technology makes them will not reveal any services provided. No wonder, they will always update around the latest technology especially in the entertainment world. From long to present and the coming world of entertainment is what many are looking for by most people from various backgrounds. It is only a difference if entertainment can only be through TV and Radio, now that the average is replaced by the Internet.

One example of this entertainment needs today and so on is the presence of YouTube as a provider of TV Streaming services subscription that has an increasingly high-rise fans followed by other applications namely Netflix, HBO, VIU, Iflix and others. Why can this happen? Because the lifestyles of people who are more referring to mobile lifestyles are more powerful. The existence of the Internet is much more rapidly developed not worth the TV. Well for this reason you can make it a startup idea as a field of business involved. 

There are a lot of things – things you can highlight for example movie videos, the latest collection of songs and lyrics, favorite drama series, entertainment information link providers, movie theater trailers, latest online games, hot news around celebrities or famous people and Surely there are many others. It is not impossible that startup can be used as a place to gather content creators such as Tik Tok to YouTube. Interested in trying?

10. Veterinary Care

Generally if it is observed from people's lives, the higher the economy of a family then the tendency to have maintenance animals will also be higher. That's why you can try to develop special animal care services in particular such as cats, dogs, reptiles and other pets. Although it seems less convincing, but if you look again at the level of competition, the Startup in animal care services does not have a fierce rivalry like the other fields we have mentioned above. Another advantage that you can other is that the animal care service is predicted to be growing rapidly because it has its own market and goals.

By having a capable animal care application, the community will be more assisted in meeting their hobby needs. They don't have to bother looking for reliable services to take care of their pet. Through the application you can develop a business around the tips of caring for your own animal at home, how to deal with pets who are suddenly aggressive until hiring a treatment service from someone online. As time passes, developments in the field of animal care will be more clearly visible. If the customer is satisfied, of course not close the possibility of startup business will be more victorious and achieve its success.

This is information about the idea of startup business recommended for you, because the opportunity is so big and interesting. Actually, there are still a lot of different kinds of creative ideas in a startup that can be developed. Only, you need to be selective and careful. It is also that can prove that various fields in Indonesia demand development in the modern direction. Of course if the business you create can later meet the needs of the community, it does not cover the possibility that your business can survive and even develop a better direction.

How do you think you're ready to start a Startup business? Have you found a good idea in the startup business list above? Or maybe there are other startups that you think deserve a row? Please you to innovate. Through the technology of startup education This is certainly can greatly influence and help in reducing the amount of unemployment in Indonesia. Some areas in Indonesia have proven it is Surabaya, Jakarta, Yogya, Makassar, Aceh and others. Let's continue to work in Indonesia.