10 Blood enhancer for pregnant women

Expectant mothers are susceptible to disease attacks or various conditions that may cause the body to weaken. Therefore, a mother who is pregnant is very important to pay attention to the food that she consumed because it deeply influenced her health. For example, during pregnancy, in the mother's body there will be formation by red blood cells for the fetus in the womb. If the mother does not receive enough food for the formation of her red blood cells, then it could be that the mother will suffer less blood. Surely the mother does not want this thing?

You may already know and know many kinds of food such as fruit, vegetables, side dishes and other – as a blood enhancer. However, please be aware that the feeding of ordinary people with pregnant women will be different enough to add blood. The food consumed by pregnant women will differ because of the many restrictions that should be obeyed. So, mother or family who accompany you must be selective in providing certain types of food that is good for gulma sufficient blood needs in the body.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for women to contain anemia, which is a disorder of disease due to blood. In fact, anemia can be solved well through good intake. Mothers do not need to take blood enhancer, instead it is recommended to consume healthy food. Mothers can try to eat fruit – fruits. Besides being tasty and contains a lot of nutrients, fruits will also not make the mother nausea because of the proper proportions.

There are different types of fruits that are advised to cope with less blood in pregnant women. Some of them are assessed from their content and nutrients are good and safe to consume. Besides as a blood enhancer, of course there are many more benefits and usefulness. Well, if you want to find out what fruits are included in the fruit specific blood enhancer for pregnant women, the description below will provide a brief explanation. Let's take a look at the same.

10 Blood enhancer for pregnant women

1. Avocado

The fruit for the first pregnant woman is avocado fruit. From the content and nutrients owned by this fruit is very good for consumption. Where the avocado fruit is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B, potassium as well as folic acid. Well, the blessing of this abundant nutrient content can help women who are pregnant in reducing the presence of morning sickness, help the development of the brain, baby tissues, brain nerves, and increase blood levels for mothers and fetuses. 

One thing that mothers need to remember, that this avocado fruit contains a fairly high fat. So eat enough and don't get too much. For example, eating avocado fruit is not more than 1 piece per day. Thus the mother will be more controlled by health because eating with the right portions.

2. Banana

The next banana is the name of the fruit recommended to be consumed pregnant women. Because fruit that has a yellow skin color when ripe has provided a lot of calories and fiber needed for energy for the pregnant woman. Mothers will not be easily exhausted as well as the potassium in the banana fruit also helps in keeping the blood pressure of the mother will remain normal. If you are further thorough, the banana fruit contains adequate nutrient intake and reported to prevent the mother experiencing anemia during pregnancy. Besides this fruit is very easy to digest so it can be an alternative food when the mother is nausea or vomiting.

3. Mango

The fruits that have been famous with this usefulness is very nutritious. Especially for mothers who are pregnant can also make mango fruit as one of the recommended fruit for consumption. In the mango fruit there are good content such as high potassium, vitamins and also Vitamin C. If we see from the benefits are very diverse ranging from potassium that serves as a factor to maintain blood pressure and balance fluid content In the body.

As for vitamin C is very active role in the ward against free radicals that can also increase stamina in the body.  Then vitamin A is as an actioxidant and aids in vision, the nervous system in infants and also immune. No less important Mango also contains a good fiber to prevent constipation for pregnant women.

4. Guava

The next best source is guava. Nutrient content in this fruit is so abundant that is able to meet the needs of the mother of Vitamin A, fiber, phosphorus and potassium. This fruit can also be said as aids to be able to control the blood sugar levels and adequate blood-enhancer nutrients in the body. As for the efficacy of Vitamin C and A it has as an antioxidant capable of capturing free radicals that should be allowed to cause late fetal development. Guava itself can be enjoyed by means of eating directly or can also be made by juice.

5. Orange

The following types of fruits do not want to lose with other types of fruit that have many benefits such as adding blood to pregnant women. Perhaps, you know more about him as a fruit that is rich in vitamin C. Especially the citrus fruit helps pregnant women to meet the fluid needs in the body because almost 90 percent of the citrus fruit is water. It is very important to prevent dehydration in the process of pregnancy which can be very harmful to the health of the mother. In addition, oranges are also able to increase the body's endurance so that it will not easily hurt and fatigue.

6. Blueberry and Strawberry

Perhaps the fruit of this one is not very familiar or commonly known directly by the layer of society. Fruits belonging to this berry group are actually good for the health of pregnant women. The reason is that in this fruit there are potassium, Vitamin C, and folate which is great for maintaining the necessary blood pressure and for the balance of fluid in the body, nerve transmission and muscle contraction. Aside from the content of folate and vitamin C in this berry has the efficacy to be able to prevent the absence of blood in pregnant women. The berries also contain fiber for the sake of smooth planning of pregnant women.

7. Watermelon

Furthermore, good fruit for the health of the mother, including maintaining the blood and fluid levels of the need is watermelon. This fruit is so rich in water. By consuming watermelon fruit will at least help in the adequate needs of fluids in the body, can eliminate thirst and adequate intake of vitamins such as C, A, B6, potassium and magnesium. Eating watermelon fruit can also resist the feeling of nausea in the morning. In the last trimester of pregnancy, it can also be believed to reduce swelling of the hands and feet and prevent muscle wasting.

8. Pear

Not many know if the pear is still a species with apples. In fact, this pear itself is a good fruit for pregnant women because of its high folic acid content. For example, the content of potassium found in pear can help in the process of cell regeneration in the body of the mother as well as infant candidates. In addition, the fruit is also known as a good food to resist constipation as it is a good source of fiber.

9. Orange Melon

The next fruit is from a group of melon fruit, especially orange melon. Ever seen or consumed it before? This one fruit has another name, which is a melon orange or cantaloupe that contains a lot of nutrients for the fetus as well as his mother. This fruit is able to keep blood steady and boost the immune system. Even if the mother likes nausea or heartburn in the morning, try to consume this orange melon because the content of vitamin B is able to overcome this. Especially for young pregnant mothers who are often experiencing problems.

10. Lemon

If it was a melon fruit, this is different just the name is a little similar. Yup This is a lemon fruit. The contents are almost the same as oranges that there are many vitamins C and liquids that can overcome dehydration in pregnant women. Lemon is also efficacious to maintain the balance of blood pressure in pregnant women and able to clean the digestive system well. In addition to the other content that contains calcium, potassium and magnesium can increase the growth of the fetus bone in the womb of the mother.

The explanation above is a list of recommended fruit for pregnant women as a way to add the most effective and healthy blood without having to take the drug. Mothers can choose which fruits to be liked. Mothers can also consume them directly or even process them into foods such as fruit juices, fruit salad, ice fruit, etc. Thus the tips for adding blood is more enjoyable because the mother also loves it.

As additional tips for maintaining the health of mothers who are pregnant should pay particular attention in processing the food. For example, do not forget to wash the ingredients so that they are clean from germs and other microorganisms that may be harmful to the fetus's life. This enforcement applies to all types of food and not just fruit – fruits. Like meat/animal products, vegetables and so forth. So many of this information, hopefully helpful and useful.

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