What is Gold investment and how to invest in pawnshop

Gold investing has long been the most stable and easy to find investment option in profits.

Many investors start their investment business from gold, one of them by buying gold in physical form and selling it when the price is high. However, some people as investors have concerns that storing gold bullion is less secure, because of the risk of theft occurring.

If you are a person who is worried about the risk of loss, then you should try a gold investment in the pawnshop. Currently PT. Pawnshop has many gold investment products, in addition to branches and networks scattered throughout Indonesia will make you easier to do transactions and certainly convenient because it does not have to go far.

Here are some things to note before investing gold in the pawnshop.

Understand the Gold Investment product type in the pawnshop not wrong choose product

Understand the Gold Investment product type in the pawnshop not wrong choose product

Pawnshop is a STATE that in its journey wants to be a company that not only conduct transactions and pawn business, but as the development of the business now launches precious metals based gold products since some time ago. There are 3 gold investment programs in the pawnshop, as follows :

1. Gold coins

Gold coins or gold bars are printed in several forms with gram units.  Gold bullion or commonly known as Antam gold is stored either by investors or in storage areas. Pawnshop has a product called Mulia in the form of investment gold bullion that can be settled by paying a certain amount of down payment with the investment period/installment can be up to 3 years paid monthly.

2. Gold Savings

Another product of the pawnshop, the gold savings. Some people who already know the term inflation certainly understand that while saving money in the bank in the form of savings is arguably safe, but because of the inflation factor, then the money will be buried along with the progress of the time. Therefore, as an alternative to the inflation-free funds, the metal investment can try to start gold.
Savings Gold Products in the pawnshop is a product that serves buy and sell gold transactions and provide a facility with a competitive price. The concept of saving gold itself is actually you buy gold and keep it on the pawnshop, but there is no need to buy it in the whole cash, but it can be triggered.

Gold savings is suitable for those who want to be flexible in owning gold by means of monthly deposits. One gold price rises just sold. In addition, there are other products of the pawnshop which is a gold consignment system in which the pawnshop cooperates with the gold owner to sell their gold by the owner of gold pay a certain amount of cost and sell per contract.

Enjoy the benefits of gold investing in the following pawnshops

Advantages of investing gold in pawnshop

The first advantage you can get when investing gold in a pawnshop is being able to get gold precious metals despite not having enough funds. With good credibility and legality in the eyes of the community, certainly become more value in the eyes of prospective investors to make gold investments in the pawnshop.

1. High flexibility and securities

For example you want to make a purchase of certified Gold PT. Antam and want to keep it in a safe place, then can make use of the gold savings product in the pawnshop. Because the gold purchased is not paid off, the pawnshop will keep the gold with strict security, so no need to worry about the gold will be lost or stolen. As for the installment period is very flexible where you can take installments from 3 months to 36 months.

2. Low Volatility

The limited supply of gold in the world has created an exponential price that continues to increase as demand increases. Production cannot rise to meet increased demand, so demand/bidding is not met so it naturally pushes the price higher. It also reduces the risk of devaluation, because lower prices then quickly attract more, new demand, which once again will push the price increase. Pawnshop as one of the official place to buy Antam Gold has many products according to the needs.

Understand the risks and disadvantages of gold investing in pawnshops

Understand Gold investment risks

Practically every investment gives a positive side as well as the risks involved. When you buy stocks, you will receive dividends. Bonds give you regular interest payments with pre-defined coupon rates. If you buy the property, you will get a monthly rental fee. But gold investment does not give a profit. Actually, in the words of the legendary investor, Warren Buffett, all he does is wait for the price of gold to rise  ".

Gold prices fluctuate and there are risks down as well. On the other hand it takes a special storage place if investing gold.

Tips on investing gold in pawnshop for maximum results

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold in the pawnshop, you can try to do tips related to the gold investment that you want to do in the pawnshop.

Find your first gold price before coming to the pawnshop. You can go to the site of PT Antam to know the actual gold price, so that the price can be a reference to buy gold in the pawnshop.
Buy gold with weight and take installment period adjusted to financial capability.
After taking one of the gold investment products in the pawnshop, then try to never have to pay the installment, because this will cause you to be fined. And even worse, it could be the investment gold will be auctioned and the result will be deducted 2 percent.

Gold, the safest investment instrument for beginners

As a safe investment instrument of inflation attacks, gold is a wise choice to start investing. With the gold investment product of pawnshop, the more you have a lot of options to be able to invest in gold precious metals, of course, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of those investment products.