What are the benefits of eating vegetables for body health and how to

The benefits of eating vegetables – it is widely known that eating and consuming vegetables is good for health. Since ancient times before there is nutritional science, humans already consume more vegetables than meat.

In consuming vegetables we must also know how to choose vegetables.
What are the benefits of eating vegetables for body health and how to
What are the benefits of eating vegetables for body health and how to

How to choose vegetables with high nutritional value?

The color of vegetables has a high nutritional value, and the nutritional value of vegetables is very related to the color of vegetables. The color is deep and the nutritional value is high, and the light colors have low nutritional value. The food order is "green vegetable → yellow, red vegetable → colorless vegetable ". The same type of vegetable has different nutritional values because of their different colors.

In addition, because each vegetable contains different types and quantities of nutrients, and the nutritional needs of human body diverse, in addition to observing the color of vegetables when choosing vegetables, various combinations of vegetables and vegetables should also be considered.

Among vegetables, leafy green vegetables are the most nutritious in terms of variations and the amount of vitamins provided.

Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin C and carotene, and also vitamin B2 is an important source.

Green leafy vegetables also contain more calcium. The use of calcium in green leafy vegetables is also better, in addition, green leafy vegetables are rich in iron and have a high absorption rate.

Vegetables are an important source of vitamin C, carotene and vitamin B2, especially vitamin C. Vegetables are a large part of the food, so this is very important.

In general, these vitamins are most abundant in a variety of fresh green leafy vegetables. 

Vegetables are a source of inorganic salts that are important to humans, especially potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. 

Their last metabolite in the body is alkaline, so it is called  "alkaline food. " Protein-rich foods such as grains, nuts, meats, fish and eggs, due to many sulfur and phosphorus, after the body is altered, the product finally Most are acidic, so it is called  "sour food ". Food acids and bases in human food should be kept at a certain amount, in order to be beneficial for the body to maintain the acid-base balance.

Vegetables contain more cellulose, hemiselulose, lignin and pectin. These substances can not be hydrolyzed by human digestive enzymes, but can facilitate bowel movements and aid in the disposal of impurities.

In research studies it has been found that fibers in vegetables can also prevent and reduce cholesterol absorption, thereby eating more vegetables both to prevent atherosclerosis.

What are the benefits of eating green vegetables?

Vitamin C contained in vegetables, will form  "Hyaluronic acid inhibitors " In the body, this substance has anti-cancer effects, can make the cancer cells lose his ability to survive.

Additionally, the coarse fibers contained in the vegetable can facilitate the movement of the colon, increasing the disposal of toxins in the colon. 

Source of vitamins and minerals

Vegetables are one of the most abundant sources of vitamins and minerals by consuming vegetables can provide nutrients to keep the body in shape.

If adults eat 500 grams of green vegetables daily, it can meet vitamins, carotene, calcium, iron, etc. that are needed by the human body and materials that help boost the immune system.

Maintaining smooth blood vessels

Vegetables contain a large amount of coarse fiber, which can prevent the formation of plasma cholesterol after combined with fat in the human body, and facilitate the excretion of cholesterol metabolism, cholic acid, to reduce the formation of Atherosclerosis, thus keeping the blood vessels smooth.

Helps moisturize skin and delay aging.

Vegetables contain a lot of carotene (1 time more than beans, 4 times more than tomatoes and melon) and vitamin C. After consuming vegetables and processed by the body, vegetables can increase skin cell metabolism, preventing skin roughness and Pigmentation. Brighten the skin and delay aging.

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