VPS for replacement of current web hosting

VPS, an advanced technology designed to further beautify our website personally as well as in groups. The presence of this VPS can replace the role of the existing web hosting. Why so? Because in reality VPS hosting is one of the more stable and secure options when compared to the use of shared hosting. On VPS allows you absolutely no need to use a dedicated server space. Nevertheless, shared hosting is more affordable and cost-effective.
VPS for replacement of current web hosting
VPS for replacement of current web hosting
What exactly is VPS? VPS stands for "Virtual Private Server" which is a Virtual Server with the way it works utilizing the Server operating system as a VPS provider. VPS system is superior because it has the advantage that you can find out how to do data storage or work as a substitute for your personal PC. How? Simply put, this VPS can be interpreted as a server computer in cyberspace or unreal. However, we can have it by rent it first.

Almost in common with computers in the real world, VPS also has memory, harddrive, processor, and even operating system (OS). Compared with Web hosting, when you rent this VPS you will get a better resource and will not be interrupted if there is a problem on the website that you are. Aside from it's other benefits with your VPS it is possible to gain more free root access and customize the server to suit your needs.

Of the many advantages of this use of VPS or Virtual Private Server, not to be separated from its name deficiency or weakness as a substitute for Web Hosting. If you are interested in using it, it is better to pay attention to the nature, characteristics, workways, excess is also the drawback. After knowing these things, then you can be sure that the VPS is worth being used as a substitute for Web Hosting for your site. The following is a brief explanation of the positive and negative impacts using the current VPS.

Advantages of using VPS

1. Server more stable and easy

With the use of VPS you don't have to worry about specs on your computer. Simply by connecting to a network of Internet connections, you can easily use a VPS with the size of a storage hard drive (SSD), plus the memory also a fairly large virtual processor and can be adapted to your needs. Besides this VPS can be accessed stably within 24 hours so the operation is more flexible than working on a regular computer.

2. Safer because it uses Dedicated IP dedicated

Different from the way web hosting and shared hosting that the server used together. Then seen in terms of operating system also the same control Panel makes its security level less. While on VPS there is a special username and password and Dedicated IP will be given to you.  And because it is only you can use it. VPS provides a facility that is more secure server security than with other web hosting services or other services. VPS makes you get better performance because its server resources are only utilized for yourself.

3. Flexible with various OS

Unlike Web Hosting that has limited functionality, on VPS you can easily replace the OS you use from Windows on an unrestricted or flexible basis. For example on the use of Linux OS, only with a few steps you are already free in using Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, Fedora and others as you want and need. In addition, VPS also helps you to install any type of application you need, and you can delete it again once it's been no longer used. Not interesting?

4. Simple and easy maintenance

To continuously be used and not to lose the benefits of VPS maintenance is crucial. Don't worry, because VPS doesn't require any complicated maintenance. It's even easier when compared to caring for your physical server. Because the treatment does not take much time and not at a large cost. You just have to submit it to your VPS providers for repair and you can make monthly payments only.

Disadvantages of VPS usage

1. Rather than Shared Hosting, the price is higher

If your budget is limited, you will of course prefer to use shared hosting. Why? This is not surprising because with various advantages mentioned earlier in the discussion, it is not surprising if the price of this VPS service can soar high above the tariff charged for shared hosting. However, don't worry because the general price offered is tailored to the quality and good performance of the VPS. 

2. Costs for development tend to be high

There is a time when you will need great resources. But on VPS of course you will be faced with a higher cost situation. Therefore, a wise choice if your budget is just right, try to use other hosting as well as shared hosting as an effort to be more precise and do not make you stressed because of costs. However, if you want to actually use VPS hosting, plan and make sure that you have prepared enough budget for the resource development process.

3. Requires in-depth technical knowledge

If you have plans to use a cheap Indonesia VPS service, we recommend that you understand the process and how the server uses its specialty for Windows and Linux. Why? Because this is a technical knowledge you will need to manage the server. Keep in mind, you need to learn it before you use it because there is no help from the hosting itself in terms of server management. So only you are the ones that run and manage.

4. Don't make mistakes

If the server settings occur a slight error, then that happens is a high risk in terms of security. So, earlier please make sure that you carefully, thoroughly, and pay attention to every detail when going to deal with server settings. Do not forget to check again and make sure everything is appropriate and correct to avoid any loss.

The above description is more information for you who want to use VPS Hosting in lieu of Web Hosting. That way you can compare yourself whether a VPS is suitable for use or even the other way around? With technological advancement, we can be facilitated in improving the performance of the blog. This requires you to update to find the latest information on more sophisticated technologies to use for smooth web activities.

When can VPS be needed? The VPS itself has been designed in such a way as to accommodate your needs for high-spec servers. VPS can also assist in the access to the interests of website hosting, e-commerce, corporate applications, with high performance and much more. In addition, VPS is also used flexibly to store email servers, create VPNS, video encoding, forex monitoring (trading), and so on. This is a VPS, please start to consider it according to your interests and needs.