Underwater Nature in Aquarium

Aquascape His name, is one of the hobby that has not been widely known in Indonesia. What is the Aquascape?. In short, Aquascape is the art of arranging stone, wood, and aquatic plants in the aquarium.
Underwater Nature in Aquarium
Underwater Nature in Aquarium
The hobby of Aquascape itself was first introduced by an aquarist from the state of Sakura. His name is Takashi Amano, an aquarist from Japan who first introduced the Aquascape hobby to the world wide. Takashi Amano introduced aquascape the first time in 1990.

Inside the Aquascape, our main objective is to create a miniature ecosystem living inside the aquarium. Because we will make the ecosystem alive then there will be many challenges to be faced. We are required to pay attention to the ecosystem balance both fauna and flora.

But this is the art, this is the location of interestingly Aquascape. When we succeed in creating miniature natural ecosystem, there will be separate satisfaction. In addition, we will get a beautiful natural scenery inside the house.

In the manufacture of aquascape because we will make a natural minatur then we need nutrients, lighting, and good water circulation.

Well, for lighting in the wild is certainly already film by the Sun. But since we are making a natural setting in an aquarium that is usually on the inside of the house, then we need a solar substitute. Yes, the Sun's replacement was light. But the light is also a special lamp that can make our plants still gain a similar glow to the sun that is used for photosynthesis so that the plants stay alive.

But since Aquascape special lamps are usually expensive, then we can use alternatives, such as LED bulb lights, energy saving lamps, and several other lamps.

For nutritional problems, we can buy special fertilizer for aquascape (basic fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, step fertilizer, etc.). As for the circulation problem we can use a filter that is also useful to filter the dirt in our aquascape water.

Beginning of the manufacture of aquascape, we will encounter many problems, ranging from the growth of moss (algae), dead fish, plants wither and others. One of the most common cases is the case of dead fish. Well, this problem is actually a problem caused by the author himself who too hurry to put fish into the aquascape without waiting for a balanced water ecosystem (mature). The solution is, do not rush to incorporate fauna into the newly created aquascape.

It is advisable to incorporate fauna into the aquascape, when Aquascape is at least two weeks old from the making. At a minimum of two weeks of making, usually the ecosystem in the Aquascape has begun to balance so that when the fauna we input will not be easy to stress that results in the death of the fauna.

Next problem moss (algae). For algae problem (MOSS) is caused by many factors, one of them lighting. Too long exposure can lead to blooming algae (massively growing moss). It is also caused by an unbalanced aquascape ecosystem. One way of overcoming blooming algae is that by not turning on the exposure too long, I personally when the aquascape is still just turning on the light for 4-6 hours only and when it starts to balance the ecosystem I turn on for 6-8 hours.

Aquascape also has some style or design in the arrangement, ranging from the general style, Dutch style, and Iwagumi. For beginners in a hobby aquascape should make aquascape with a natural style design. The natural style design is the easiest design in aquascape. To create a natural style design we just need to create a natural layout like the real nature. Unlike the Iwagumi design that needs to pay attention to the rules in the preparation of stone or Dutch style that need to pay attention to the arrangement of various types of colorful aquascape plants.

It may be quite a glimpse of underwater nature in the aquarium of Aquascape. Hopefully useful.

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