Terms Blog easy on the latest Google Adsense receive

Blog terms are easy on the receipt of Google Adsense should you know if you want to earn money through the blog. However, to be accepted AdSense is also not something easy. Google has standardization that must be met to be accepted and pass adsense reviews. If you want to be an AdSense publisher, then you should pay attention to the eligibility of your blog. For that, here are some easy blog terms on the Google Adsense accept that you should know.
Terms Blog easy on the latest Google Adsense receive
Terms Blog easy on the latest Google Adsense receive

Mandatory Blog terms to receive Adsense

There are several conditions that you should know if you want to register a blog to Google Adsense, including :

1. Blog Content

Blog content becomes the main requirement for Adsense acceptance. Content becomes an absolute requisite if you want Adsense blogs accepted. Content is also not available as a whole, because there are some things to note in the blog content as it should be in accordance with Google Adsense policies, quality content, prioritizing the uniqueness of content and not Copas, containing SEO value ( Search Engine Optimization) as well as multiply blog content.

2. Blog Template

The blog Template also became an easy blog term on the Google Adsense accept. Even templates are very influential on the acceptable or the blog to AdSense. Template criteria must support SEO, responsive, has natural color, good navigation and has good loading speed.

3. Blog page

There are several types of pages that must be created to be accepted AdSense, Inter-page privacy blog, contact, profile/About us, disclaimer, Terms of Service and table of contents.

4. Blog Visitors

A blog that has a visit or a high traffic, will be easier to receive AdSense. Some cases, for blogs that have a minimum visit of 100 per day will be very easy to receive AdSense.

Blog criteria to look out for

In addition to fulfilling some easy blog terms on the thank Google Adsense as already mentioned above, you should also pay attention to the following :

1. Type of Blog

Some types of blogs to be accepted AdSense should be a consideration of your blog theme. Types of blogs that will not be accepted by Google Adsense such as blog downloads, blogs with copas content, adult blogs as well as blogs that are known to infringe copyrights.

2. Registrant's personal Data

Google provides restrictions for AdSense registrants where they reject a registrant of less than 18 years of age or if your personal data is already connected to another adsense.

3. Decorating and Widged Blog

Take note of the use of decorations and widgets on your blog for example by uninstalling unnecessary decorations and widgets. Show things that matter.

4. Blog not related to advertising

Make sure that if you want to sign up for AdSense, then your blog has not previously linked to other ads.

Things to avoid when signing up for Adsense

After fulfilling some easy blog terms on the Google Adsense Thank you above, then the no less important you should avoid the following things when going to sign up for Adsense :
  • Do not put an active link to go to another blog website
  • Do not install widgets such as Alexa rank, histat and the like
  • Avoid commenting on spam-oriented blogs, for example containing active links. Delete the comments that added the active link.

After discussing a lot about Google Adsense so that's some easy blog terms on the latest Google Adsense receive to know before registering Adsense, hopefully it can be beneficial to you.