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Investment in property type to date is still a lot of interest, this is because property value the longer the selling price is getting higher, unlike other types of investments such as gold, which price is unstable. Investment apartment in Yogyakarta has a very good prospect, because in this city there are many tourist attractions, culinary places, even a reputable university range.

The city is never deserted from tourists, both domestic and international, hence the city is a soft target where to invest from property such as apartments. For those of you who want to buy a Yogyakarta apartment, it is advisable to choose a location that has many access to several places such as airports, stations, hospitals, various places to eat, several tourist attractions, and universities.

Some of the most famous universities in Indonesia, such as Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). By choosing an apartment that is close to those places, your apartment unit is guaranteed to be crowded by tenants.

Apartments can be rented out either in the monthly system, or even daily if you plan to lease the unit as a place to stay. Being close to the university will make your unit will be crowded up for rent as a temporary residence for new students who want to stay in a comfortable area with privacy awake.

If you need a lot of money in a quick time, you can resell the apartment to the developer or you may be able to find relatives who want to buy this apartment unit.

Reasons why apartments are profitable investments

Apartment is an ideal place that is trending not only in the present but also will still exist in the future. This residence is an elegant and classy residence for all those who crave a comfortable environment in residence. Because the land to make the home site is increasingly narrow and rent or buy a house site price is also increasingly bounced.

More and more couples or young families are looking for an apartment for temporary residence because most of them should often move shelter due to job consequences. This situation is an opportunity for apartment investors to make investment of this property as a savings that can be enjoyed several years ahead.

Reasons why you should invest apartments in Yogyakarta

1. Become a trend and will continue to evolve

As mentioned earlier, that this apartment residence Yogyakarta is becoming a trend and become the target of many circles in the city of Gudeg. Small but comfortable residence and complete facilities are perfect for those who need temporary housing, such as students or executives who are working on business in Jogja in a long time.

Known as a bustling tourist center by entrants making business prospects in Jogja is very good especially culinary affairs or entertainment venues such as Karaoke family and others.

A residential trend while a type of apartment will not only be selling for now but will be much higher interest in the future, because all facilities and comfort in an apartment will continue to develop.

For now, there are many apartments that add the arena to relax and jogging morning in the upper floor row with facilities such as Sky Garden, which allows the top floor occupants can exercise without having to go down. If you start to buy an apartment unit early, then you can get a super affordable price quote rather than you buy when the apartment is ready.

After having an apartment of course you can sell at a higher price, or to get a continuing income from investment apartment Yogyakarta, you can rent it to others.

2. Can be purchased with small capital

The price of the apartment itself is varied, depending on the location where the tower is located. Investment in the form of apartment in Yogyakarta with the same area could have different unit price, because the more strategic location of the apartment then the more expensive also the price of the apartment, but the price is slightly more expensive is worth it With easy access.

Even so does not mean that in Jogja there are no apartments that are still quite affordable even if the location is very strategic. You can try to check the row of apartments in Jogja to find out if there is a location that is very strategic with the type and facilities of the apartment is suitable and the price is affordable.

Although the strategic location will be more profitable, but do not think if in an apartment with a less strategic location (only close to certain access only) can not produce anything. Your thoughts are such a great selection, because basically the apartment will definitely be made to be near the city to be closer to some of the access that is much needed, so that wherever the apartment is a selling price The unit is sure to experience quite a significant price increase.

For those of you who do not have enough capital to buy expensive apartments that have a very strategic location because it is closer to the many access places, can buy apartments with the price of the cheaper units, so with a very small capital you can get greater results. There are many variations of this price very beneficial to investors in buying Yogyakarta apartment.

3. Can be rented with a varied period

Apartments in Yogyakarta Besides can be sold, can also be rented to get a routine income. If the property is usually rented within a period of time per year or per half year (6 months), then it is different from the apartment unit. As the owner of the unit you are free to set the period for the rent from your unit, you can make monthly or daily rental as a place to stay for the tourists.

The rental price of the unit you are renting can vary, it can be influenced from the strategic location and from the facilities in the apartment environment. If the facility is complete then you can offer a rental price that is worth the facilities that can be enjoyed.

4. The price will continue to increase

Investment property in the form of Yogyakarta apartment is certainly the price will rise from year to year, either the increase is low or the increase is high, so is the apartment. Percentage of apartment price increase reaches 5% to 10% in the year.

In a long period of time, the profit from this price increase will accumulate and the price of sale and the rental price of the apartment will be very profitable to you and the money you use for the initial capital to buy the unit will pay off better.

5. Savings based Investments

Investing in the property world did not like the gold that had just been purchased shortly afterwards could be sold to get the money back. Investment in Yogyakarta apartment, for example, you have to wait a few years in advance so that the price of sale and the rent price is higher.

While it's a must-wait, apartment investment is sure to experience a market price increase of up to 10% annually, unlike the investment of goods such as gold which is still uncertain, even sometimes the selling price can be dropped at any time, and When you want to sell it when the gold price is down can-you can just lose.

That's a little idea of how promised the prospect of an apartment investment business in Yogyakarta, hopefully with this information will further make you establish investment options of this type of property. Happy Hunting Apartments!

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