Investment Condominium: "Upscale" business with multiple benefits

Investment Condominium: "Upscale" business with multiple benefits
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Ever heard of condo investments? For some people, the term condo may sound unfamiliar. But in fact this term has long been used, and in Indonesia Kondo is considered the same as a house or apartment, only different at the supporting facilities alone.

The condo itself has an understanding of housing rights in which certain parts of a real estate can be privately owned (generally apartment rooms). However, other parts such as heating systems, elevators and exterior are under the laws associated with personal ownership but are still controlled by an association of owners who describe the ownership of the entire section.

 Why is condominium investment Booming in Indonesia?

Actually the term condo or condo is often used to replace the word apartment because the condo itself is a term originating from the United States and part of the Canadian province that was introduced around the year 2004 ago.

Investments in this field are growing, not only around the United States and Canada, but also began to spread throughout the world including Indonesia.

The growth of condominium markets in major cities such as Jakarta seems to be wiggling and growing. With the growing number of Indonesian population increasingly, the demand for residential has also increased.

Therefore, condo investments are quite a profitable investment to run. It is no wonder that many investors who have intentions to invest in this sector are increasingly in the capital.

Why investment condos attract investors "top classes"

Compared to other investments, kondomonium investments or apartments can be arguably more profitable and promising. You can even benefit from up to 200 percent with a lower risk level.

The business that you are going to run is no less than other types of investments in the world of property like home or shop. Because the price will rise annually, many are glancing at this type of investment kondomonium. So it is not wrong if a lot of people are saying if this investment is an attractive and profitable investment.

In this investment, the price offered also varies, from cheap to expensive. One of the price determinants is the location of the apartment area. The increase in selling price will also occur as time goes along with the construction of the city that is run.

Location is the main key of this investment. In making this kondomonium investment, you need the right steps because the competition with other investors is one of the vehicles. Some steps you should know if you are interested in investing this distor are as follows :

1. Destination Investment Condominium

The purpose of the investment should be known by prospective investors, whether including the interests of short-term or long-term investments. This aims to allow condo targets to be on target.

Short-term kondomonium investment means that investors are interested in buying before construction will then be sold after the unit has been finished. As for the long term investment kondomonium, investors will buy that will be sold after 5-10 years thereafter.

2. Condo investment target

An investor needs to see who the goal will be tailored to the location of his property. For example, Kondomonium in South Jakarta has the target market of expatriates. Meanwhile, in central Jakarta area, target is targeted for business people.

3. Unit and development

Location is the main key for investors to be able to successfully invest condominium. A premium location with the right goal is the absolute requirement of this type of investment.

In addition, investors are encouraged to not buy condos from developers with a lot of numbers. Too many amounts will make it difficult to resell them.

4. Advantages of Investment Condominium

Condo investors can buy units during pre-sale in order to get a pretty big profit. The Unit could then be sold after construction was completed.

According to information, Kondomonium are sold after 2 to 3 years after completion, can bring profit up to 80%.


You can start a condo investment with a relatively low fund but can get a bigger profit. Don't forget to make sure the developer first.

Find a developer who has a good name, is trustworthy and professional because investing does not need a little money. Because there are many cases out there where developers cheat their investors.