Important Insurance to have

Because of life, it is not separated from its name risk. So, it is necessary to anticipate if something that is unwanted happens, to be ready to deal with it. Insurance product is a solution of self protection against various risks.

It should be understood that the characteristics of insurance are protection for the risks that we can not confront themselves. For example, health costs and discharges due to death or permanent disability. But there are also risks that can still be faced with the preparation of emergency funds, so it is not suitable for protection with insurance.

But sometimes people are often confused and distracted, which insurance products are suitable for them. Some conditions, even often reversed in providing protection. For example, insurance for outpatient is taken, but insurance for critical illness that costs expensive is abandoned.

In fact, if it is sick and should be outpatient, the required costs are still enough to be closed with an emergency savings fund. Of course, this is different when the critical illness that the cost of treatment can be had is infinite.

To avoid misprotection or confusion choose insurance products, the following insurance is important to have, among others :

1. Health insurance

Take advantage of health insurance facilities
Take advantage of health insurance facilities

The cost of health is unpredictable and along with a practical but unhealthy lifestyle, make health insurance important to the family and be the first priority. Health insurance products are also diverse, which can be adjusted to your budget.

Although it has got protection from BPJS Kesehatan, but often the need for health prosthetic is still lacking. Family health insurance is the best way to keep the health of the Family army can require treatment.

Family health Insurance provides protection for the whole family that allows you to be comfortable and easy to plan your family finances. Why is taking family insurance important?

Protecting the family is a priority for all parents. And private health insurance can provide peace of mind with the assurance services it provides.

Taking a family health insurance product does not need to be expensive, but can choose the protection coverage needed. Some plans can be chosen, whether it only includes care when you are in a hospital or also a road protection.

Health insurance is an important part of your health plan. This protection will contribute to the ease of planning a budget allocation for your family's regular maintenance costs.

2. Accident Insurance

Protect yourself with Accident insurance

Accident is the most substantial risk from the financial side. Accidents may occur during working conditions or traffic accidents. Please take note of your working conditions and daily activities, whether including risk of accident or not.

It is said to be risk-prone while you work on positions related to hazardous work tools such as production machines or many of the daily activities outside the Rangan with high mobility.

Because of the risks on the road as well as working, it is unpredictable. Thus, thorough protection of such risks is important to avoid. The personal accident insurance premiums are also relatively inexpensive, with a premium of hundreds of thousands but the reimbursement of all expenses including reimbursement of damages against fixed defects and deaths can be up to RP80 million.

3. Travel Insurance

Travel protection with insurance
Travel protection with insurance

If you and your family include groups of people with high mobility, often out of town or even overseas, aka travel insurance products become a top priority.

In order to keep your holiday and service journey comfortable and safe, you should be and your family buying travel insurance. In recent years, travel insurance has become one of the most popular insurance products, because the price is very cheap.

Travel insurance can be taken per travel period or one year straight. If the frequency of your travel is relatively frequent, e.g., country financials 4-5 times a year, it is worth taking the annual traveling insurance package. Conversely, if you're less likely to travel, it's best to take per travel period, as this will save your travel insurance premium.

4. Car insurance

Motor Vehicle Protection Illustration
Motor Vehicle Protection Illustration

Cars have become necessities of life that need to be calculated today. Proven from the rise of toll road construction, which shows that the growth of this four-wheeled vehicle is increasingly rapid.

The main benefit of car insurance is the financial tranquility gained because of the risk of accidents or theft and so on may happen. The specific benefits that can be obtained from this car insurance vary, based on the coverage obtained.

A common example of this includes the legal protection of third-party lawsuits, and all sorts of risks of any kind against a car if you are taking an insurance product of a type of thorough protection.

By having car insurance, it can retain its expensive selling price position. Proper maintenance on the car will also help to retain its value. Losing valuable assets like a car because of no insurance is an act of saving that is not wise.

5. Old Day Insurance

Prepare your retirement period well

Make no wrong, this old day insurance is also worth reckoned and well prepared. At an age that is no longer productive, the only dependability is the guarantee of the old age, to stay independent and not to bother other family members.

Normally, entering the retirement age is 55 years – 60 years. After entering the retirement age, all it takes is to enjoy life with funds already gained during work. But unfortunately, not a few people are actually too late or unaware of the preparation for retirement with various reasons, including :

Always feel less salary and not enough for retirement preparation

Only enough salary for daily needs is often made Asalah not ready to set aside funds for retirement. Inevitably, you should make special savings for this condition.

To get financial security at retirement later, start making savings from now on. Make separate savings for monthly spending and emergency funds, as well as for retirement funds.

Extravagant aka big peg from pole

Another key to retirement preparation is not to be extravagant. Distinguish between need and desire. You can set aside about 10% of your earnings for that need or adapt to other needs.

Save money on relatively safe investment products and attractive returns (interest/return). It is good to take surveys first to several financial institutions. In addition, you can also ask for opinions from relatives who also use the savings as a pension fund.

Forget the time that keeps going and feel young

Time is running quickly. Many people do not realize that their productive age continues to diminish. You have to start caring about this. The age increases, there is an increased risk of illness that may reduce or even stop your productivity.

Without any risk of illness, the age before retirement is certainly declining productivity. So, from now on your spending control, add income, reduce unproductive debt, increase savings, and invest with the goal of setting up your retirement.

Think pension funds have been borne BPJS or surances from the workplace

Everyone's lifestyle is different. Do not rely solely on BPJS retirement insurance or workplace insurance. Because, we certainly never know until when to work in the company.

You have to smartly diversify investments for retirement later. Remember, retirement is a time when we enjoy hard work all these days. So it should be well prepared.

Feeling healthy and fit

Health conditions may change drastically when it turns out that we neglect to keep it well. So never always feel healthy and okay so forget to prepare for this retirement.

Do not be displaced when the age is young and looks fit and healthy. You still need to prepare yourself as the age grows, because the health risks are also getting bigger. The insurance product Megambil as a companion BPJS is a good protection action.

Prepare insurance and financial plan for a better life

One of the essential and fundamental knowledge in a family is making good financial planning. Savings, investments, and insurance are important points for inclusion in the long-term financial planning.

In a family, the above insurance products are at least important to follow, but of course tailored to your needs and abilities. Enjoying life well and undergoing an old day without constraints will make the safer and more comfortable, right?

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