How to troubleshoot Sitemap errors in Webmaster Tools

When we will create a website for a personal blog, group, organization or company of course we will start to set up to be more responsive. Thus, it allows faster loading process and various other optimization efforts that also need to be done for SEO. Because SEO itself is a very influential factor and important so that the articles that we have can appear on the search results in search engines. But wouldn't it just be doing SEO optimization just to be aware? We must first register the site that we have in the Webmaster Tools. The first is Sitemap.
How to troubleshoot Sitemap errors in Webmaster Tools
How to troubleshoot Sitemap errors in Webmaster Tools
What is a Sitemap? A Sitemap is another word that defines a sitemap. For the purpose of the site like the map we know so far is actually to give the visitors a picture of our blog around the area of content that is being visited at that time. The Sitemap itself is including the most important part in indexing a blog. Furthermore, Sitemap has a function to index many pages simultaneously from our blog which will later appear in search engines. In general we will be asked to enter the Sitemap first after the completion of registering the blog that we have to the webmaster.

But, did you know? Sometimes when we will submit a sitemap in Search Console, there are constraints or errors that make us very confused. Also, if the sitemap error file will consequently make the quality of our blog worse in the eyes of Google. Then, the article has also been difficult to index. Therefore, we must try to fix and resolve it properly and correctly so that the sitemap that will be kitasubmit to Google Webmaster or Search Console is no longer experiencing errors. We need to know the cause of the Sitemap error and its handling is suitable.

If you have trouble no need to fear your blog can not be indexed well in search engines because in fact you can find the solution to our discussion this time. There is no problem there is no way to exit? If you're in a situation like this, how? The following will be outlined powerful tips to overcome Sitemap that error equipped with practical advice to learn further facing problematic sitemaps and can further enrich your knowledge. Please listen.

How to troubleshoot Sitemap errors in Webmaster Tools

1. Template structure is less neat and SEO

Some free templates that have been circulating in the internet world usually already have a modified structure so that the impact of reducing the value of SEO on the site that is wearing it. A blog template that is essentially premium is usually to be purchased in order to take advantage of all its features but the creator has also provided a free version. Well, here's generally the creator or Author/Creator limits the features of the free version templates that they share. So it's better to implement Schema Markup or you can use a proven SEO Friendly premium template and support the Structured Data schema feature.

2. Untidy Blog structure

When we just started blogging activity, we usually haven't had time to set up the structure that is on our blog, as do the editing menus and sub-menus that are in the navigation of the headers or certain other sections. As a result if it still has a cluttered theme structure it will make the sitemap difficult to access. The better thing is that you spend some time alone specifically to spruce up the structure on your blog. So this allows the display to look orderly and tastier to be seen when you surf your web it.

3. Bot-Crawl hasn't finished crawling on the web

For further problems this is arguably the basic issue. What causes the Bot-crawl to not finish in the crawl process?  There are at least two causes that are Internal and external scale. For Internal causes we can look at the Template structure that we already discussed. As for the cause of external, as we know that on the Internet there are thousands of even millions of sites that certainly make bot-crawl quite busy so that the possibility of passing a crawl in our blog this. The solution you simply resubmit to the Sitemap and the Google Featch As or Inspect URL. Then wait at least 1x24 hours hours or maximum for a period of 7 days.

4. Age of blogs that are still premature/new in Create

Worth noting, the age on the blog we have. Is it still relatively new or premature? The blog Age of a new lifetime corn can not be considered successful in doing a submit sitemap. For solution problem This one you simply resubmit only. However, remember the applicability after a few days from the time of the blog creation, for example you create a blog on Saturday then it is better to wait until Monday or Sunday to re-submit.

5. No articles

If someone is creating a blog for the first time is definitely something that immediately needs to be done is create an article, just after that look for ways and tips about SEO, templates and various other needs. However, another for people who are accustomed to making a blog for sure articles will be the last part once the site is finished created. Do you know? This can affect your sitemap which is error. Preferably, fill in the content in your blog first. Next you just need to resubmit with the blog record already filled article and keep in mind to do not perform on the same day after you create the blog. Because we already have some articles, in the end, when the submit process we do not encounter any errors or problems.

6. Robots. txt errors

What is robots. txt? It will probably look alien in your ears. Well, Robots. txt is a file on a site that shows which part allows and doesn't allow search engines to start accessing the site. This Robots. txt has a very sensitive Script, if a little bit of it will impact a bad thing. For example blogs become difficult indexed by search engines. How do I handle it? Simply put, you just have to return your robots. txt to your original settings only.

7. Too many Sitemap formats included

There are some of the bloggers who think when inserting multiple sitemaps would have a good impact on indexing a blog when it really isn't. Instead, Google spiders will find it difficult to explore every page on your site. Everything that is done excessively is not a good thing. If it has already been in this problem then the solution you do not resubmit by using the sitemap. xml format only. And wait for the process to finish.

This is a collection of simple and easy ways that you can try and use in handling problematic sitemaps. Whether you're old or just as a beginner in this field, mistakes aren't failures. Instead a mistake alone is an investment to be successful. Do not give up just because we can not register a site map on Google then we then backtrack.

It is precisely if most successful bloggers have success, even those who now have their own business through the managed blog, they do not stop to always learn the best for their online web. Because when someone already feels enough, that's where the beginning of a its destruction. Keep up with information about healthy blogs and best care, so you can enjoy the results later. Hopefully with this information can be useful, helped in the problem you are facing. Good luck!

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