How to see the WA messages deleted by the sender

Social Media is one of the activities that all sorts of people have liked. Not knowing the age limit of parents, teenagers, adults and even children are very fond of playing social networks. One of the social media apps that is widely used by most people is Whatsapp. His fame is able to rival other sosmed as well as Instagram, Facebook, line, Twitter and so on.
How to see the WA messages deleted by the sender
How to see the WA messages deleted by the sender
It is not undeniable there are many conveniences that we can get when surfing this social network Wa. For example, we can easily communicate with others near or far in a quick and easy way, in addition to the features that are provided are also very interesting as well as stickers, emojis, gifs or motion pictures, even more of your latest Can make your own stickers with your own photos or others?

Not interesting? As with other cool communication apps, Wa can also give you the convenience of delivering text messages, images and videos. More sophisticated you can see when the last person in your contact is active, see your message read or not even see a message that was previously deleted by the shipment. Wow it's best for you to know the many powerful features in Whatsapp that are hidden and not much to know by people – people. Want to know?

One of the situations that people often complain about is when they are cool-looking for a chat, but, suddenly, it's about to delete the message, but we have not had time to see or even read it. Sometimes a curious feeling arises, in fact what is the content of the deleted message? Or another circumstance is when you want to re-read your history or chat history with someone either your family, friends, companions, relatives, girlfriends or even your wook, but unfortunately the message from him was deleted.

How can we see the contents of the chat in Wa that has been deleted? After this, there will be questions such as "Can we read the message Wa whether it is a private chat or WhatsApp group? Can we restore the contents of files such as photos, documents, or videos?

Do not worry, actually in the site WhatsApp provide answers and solutions for all complaints of its users. If you do not understand, this article will help you learn about the tips and tricks to look back Wa messages that have been deleted by the sender. For more information you can check the practical and easy way below. Http.

How to see the message Wa deleted by the sender

  1. The first step, please download the application called "Notification History" or in Indonesian language means "notification history" in Google Play store or many other famous applications download provider. Similar apps can also be seen in notification History, Recent Notification, Notification history Master, and Notification History Saver apps.
  2. Then, the next step is to open the Notification Historyyang app already installed. If any notification appears to request permission, then select Opzi "Allow", the app will ask permission to be able to access Whatsapp so that the application can detect if there is a notification or a new message in your Wa. Not only Whatsapp, this app you can use in various apps to chat with others.
  3. After giving permission for access, you can then see the message Wa that has been deleted by opening this application Notification Historyini automatically although in fact in the app Wa already written "This message is already deleted". Note that all chat messages or notifications will be recorded without exception in this sophisticated application.

No apps:

  1. First, open up your Whatsapp app in advance.
  2. Then, in the upper right corner of the three dots, click and select the available "Settings" or "Settings" options.
  3. Next, click on the Notification menu or notification
  4. The final step, you can see Whatsapp messages that have been deleted without this application if your chat buddy activates the feature "Show Notification" and also "Show Preview in Whatsapp settings. So, not all past chats can be seen. Therefore, if you do not succeed to use this way, another alternative is to use the application like the way above.
Very easy is not it? Here comes the easy and quick Tips so you can see the chat of someone in Wa that has been deleted either in a group chat or private. It can also be done if you want to retrieve the previously deleted attachments. Will you use Tips without apps or using the app? It depends on you, which is better to try and suit your needs.

Now you will not be curious about one or more of the deleted chats and various other difficulties that have been exposed at the beginning you can finish well with Whatsapp. For other social media such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, line, ICQ, Twitter also have many other advantages on offer, depending on how you are dealing with it. Each way to utilize the technology in it is also different.

Some are utilizing the help of other apps or it could also be another trick that also proves nice to try. This is one of the few ways we can utilize communication technology by utilizing all the features. Do not miss other interesting information about cool technology that can make it easier for you in all activities and activities including messaging with others. Hopefully this information can be helpful and useful.