How to overcome the HP water admission in order to live again

There are still a lot of confused looking for a way to cope with the proper and fast HP water intake so that Hp has no damage. Basically a mobile phone or an HP has become an important part in one's life. All current activities depend on HP ranging from communication even to business. Therefore, when damaged, it will surely impact your activity.
How to overcome the HP water admission in order to live again
How to overcome the HP water admission in order to live again
Often used and always taken anywhere, making a mobile phone is prone to damage. Like other electronics, HP is also very prone to exposure to water. Therefore, when accidentally splashed or flush water is definitely the owner will direct panic and look for ways to make the HP can dry and not damaged. If you experience this, do the following so that your HP can live again.

Things to do when HP is exposed to water 

When your mobile phone is exposed or water intake, do not directly panic. You can do some things so that your PHONE is not damaged and can live again. First thing you do, if your HP is still alive immediately shut down and open all components such as casing and battery. Once the HP is opened, try to dry the inside using a wipe or a tisa so that the water does not get into the machine.

Furthermore, for your PHONE to dry from water, you can try putting it in the rice. Rice is potent to absorb water and moisture on your PHONE that is exposed to water. You can silence a few moments until you are sure all the water is absorbed. Only then can you pull out your PHONE from rice and install all the components and then try to turn it on. This is a way of overcoming the most common water intake HP that is often done. 

Don't blow the HP water intake

Many people are misguided when they want to clean the water that goes into the HP. Most people will quick reflexes blow the HP when accidentally exposed to water. It is precisely wrong and should be avoided. Blowing the water intake HP will only make the water more incoming so that the damage probability becomes increasingly larger. 

How to handle the HP the most precise water intake is immediately turn it off and directly attempt to drain by wiping the water that has already been stuck. If you hesitate to do it yourself, it would be better to bring it to the HP service provider than to have to meniup-niup the HP that can precisely make it more damaged.

Use Vacum Cleaner to dry the inside of HP

To make it easier to remove the water that goes into the HP, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the water that has already gotten into the inside. Vacuum has suction power that can remove water without making the water go deeper. That way your PHONE will not suffer from damage that gets worse so it can live again.

You can use a vacuum cleaner with low suction power to help you suck out the water that comes into your PHONE. If it is, do not immediately turn on it but let stand in advance a few moments in the rice to absorb the moisture that Munkin still remains. This is a way to get around the HP water intake that you can do yourself at home as the first step in order for your Hp to be saved.