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How to log out of Facebook GROUP via Android HP

How to get out of Facebook Group quickly because someone else entered without permission. Unlike the Fanspage or Facebook page that we like the new one can get its updates. While Group FB there are two options that we click Join or Join and entered by a friend without permission.
How to log out of Facebook GROUP via Android HP
How to log out of Facebook GROUP via Android HP

This makes us angry and irritated because the Group we follow is always a notification of the Group again we do not like. Inggin out of the group but bacae how because if we look at the group homepage there is no Exit button. Actually it is quite easy if you understand but it will be difficult if you do not try.

Here SafeLink #71 will provide a solution quickly for you who to out of the Group FB. Make what you join with a Group but the content of Online sales promotions and many more inappropriate posts. To keep you calm and there is no notification information FB then one of the way is out Group.

Exit Group FB through different computer devices with via Smartphone (HP Android). If through your Laptop device simply click on the JOIN menu there will be 2 options to Unfollow Group or Quit Group. Whereas if through Android there is a certain point that you have to click then the Group exit option will appear.

How to log out of Facebook GROUP via Android HP

Step 1 : Please log in to your FB account and click the three flat line in the top right corner. Next select Group.
How to log out of Facebook GROUP via Android HP

Step 2 : Please select which Facebook Group you are targeting to exit.

Step 3 : If you are already logged in on the Facebook Group home page, next click the small icon such as yellow arrow image below then it will appear option. Look down then there is an option out of the Group.

Actually, the way out of Facebook Group is quite easy but most people do not understand, Kebinggungan and eventually made. What happens is there will be a lot of incoming notifications on FB information. This is very detrimental to you because if there is important information you will not know because the information is closed with a Group FB notification.

If I learn while using Facebook actually if we are not active in the Group then the information will not show. Moreover, the Group update does not make friends with us. Good luck and please Praktekkin to exit FB Group. Do not have to be in the baby with tens or even hundreds of groups that you do not know.

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