How to Exit Group WA (Whatsapp) without any caught member or friend

Whatsapp (WA) is a social media app that you can download for free on the Play Store. Many facilities are given start Chatting, sending photos, Vidio even gathered in one Group WA community. But sometimes we are annoyed with the group and to out unnoticed members.
How to Exit Group WA (Whatsapp) without any caught member or friend

The mental burden when we make the decision to get out of a Group Whatsapp is that you will be excommunicated. You will be considered an unfaithful friend and not to gathered. The only way is to go out of the WA Group in a silent way without knowing other friends.

Here Safelink #71 will give you a little easy tips WA Group out without any known. Before you make this decision please think in advance so as not to misunderstand. To avoid storing photos and Vidio, you can set the Whatsapp settings.

In addition, you can also manage the silent group WA so that you do not be thrilled with their chat. But if you keep insisting to out please follow the way below. This way it is easy for the hopefully not to disturb friendship and other members do not know it.

How to log Out Group WA (Whatsapp) without any Known members :

  1. Please BackUp your WA data chats first by clicking on Settings Menu > > Chat Menu >> Backup Chat.
  2. Next please change your WA (Whatsapp) number by clicking on Settings > > Account > > Change Number.
  3. Not only until there you must delete the data by going to phone settings > > Application > > Whatsapp > > Clear Cache or Clear Data.
  4. After the data in the delete then you like when using the first WA account and in the Group there will be a view that you number.
  5. With notifications in the Group that you number, so that your friend friends do not know that you are Left or leave the Group.
How easy enough is not to exit the WA Group that sucks. If you enter by a certain person to Group WA then the exit is quite easy. You simply go to Whatsapp Group > > Click on the top Group > > Scroll down to Group > > Click Leave Group. Different if the Group is a lot of acquaintances or friends must feel uncomfortable if out.