How to download Whatsapp Web and open it without Scan Barcode

Whatsapp is one of the most famous social media in many circles. Both young people, teenagers, adults all use it for communication purposes or even as entertainment media. Perhaps people usually use Wa with a free application that we used to get in the service apps store or Playstore, but there are also some people who choose to use it through the Web version on the PC or laptop computer.
How to download Whatsapp Web and open it without Scan Barcode
How to download Whatsapp Web and open it without Scan Barcode
Are you also a Web version of Wa user? In general to be able to access WA via browser, requires that we always do a barcode scan on WhatsApp via our mobile Andorid? Some of you might think this is too ribet, how can it be so much easier? Take it easy, the advanced features in WhatsApp can allow us to enter the Web version without having to scan the barcode.

The technology that grows every day makes WhatsApp launches WhatsApp web that easy. Especially for office workers who are required to always be active on Whatsapp on smartphones. But, indeed not every time our HP can be used and stand by. One alternative is to use it via PC. Because of this problem there is a practical and easy way to access it. Even this does not require you to activate HP in advance just to synchronize it.

QR code is usually used, you can without using it. Although the goal is actually good as a security feature that you have to pass to be visible only the owner can wear it. However, for those of you who want to be easier to use the Web version, this article will give you answers and practical tips. Want to know Dong for sure, let's learn more you can directly see the steps below.


  1. First step, open Whatsapp Web in your PC at .
  2. Secondly, also make sure you have logged in via the official web on WhatsApp on the computer you are going to use. Then, make sure you've checked the "stay signed in" Write option on the main page on Whatsapp Web.
  3. Next, if the first way you've ever done before, then the next step you just have to leave the phone you used to log into WhatsApp in the continuing state of the light. Also make sure that your phone is connected to an Internet connection.
  4. When it is appropriate, your phone will automatically be able to detect the barcode on WhatsApp.
  5. Next, you just have to wait until the barcode scan is complete.
  6. When you are finished, you will go to the next menu in the WhatsApp action app.
  7. Stages are done, now you can do the activity as usual in Whatsapp.

Note: If you want to use the Whatsapp application on your PC or Laptop, it can be done in the same way. It's just that you need to download the app on It's easy, since there's already a "Download Now" option so you just select that option and run Lang – the step corresponds to the above steps.

Another important thing to note is that you do not need to scan the barcode to access in the next time is as follows:
  • Look first, the Smartphone you have on the menu slide in WhatsApp Web view make sure it is active.
  • Once active, the important thing is not until you choose to quit all computers at the bottom of the option.

With this Whatsapp conversation can be done through chat with unlimited number of characters, plus with emoji. Not inferior to the Android app version you can also enjoy the group service to discuss certain things, voice calls and video calls that are charged at an extremely affordable and cheap rate.

Here is a description of the tutorial how you can use the features of WhatsApp from the beginning to download until you open it without scanning the barcode. Easy is not it? You can download and install it anytime and anywhere in advanced. In fact, there are many more hidden features that you can find in this online communication app. By utilizing it as best as possible, you will be more comfortable in doing every activity. From messaging, images, GIFs, videos to both private and group chats. 

Not only WhatsApp, the other famous social media also don't want to lose in taking your heart. If you want to open other social networks without security codes or scan barcodes on Instagram, line, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and so on, of course there is a way that is different from Whatsapp. There is no problem that can not be solved, because advanced technology is now trying to provide the best service for its users. Many information about technology, hopefully useful!

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