How to delete an IG (Instagram) account that forgot my password

How to delete an IG (Instagram) account that forgot password will help you who want to open a new account or just want to close it completely. Every social media account requires that we access it with a user name and password. Not infrequently, we just often forget the password used for social media, including Instagram.

How to delete an IG (Instagram) account that forgot my password

Although Instagram social media is so popular among its users, not few of them want to close or delete Instagram accounts for some reason. Then, what if we want to delete Instagram, but forgot the password? Here is the tutorial.

How to open the forgotten Instagram Password

Before knowing how to delete IG (Instagram) account that forgot password, it is good to know how to open Instagram when forgot password. Opening an Instagram account then requires a user name or email and of course a password. If you forgot your Instagram password, you can do the following steps :
  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Select "Forgot Password".
  3. There will be three options to access the Instagram account, that is, by MOBILE number, email or username and via Facebook. Select "Sign in with your username or email."
  4. Enter your username, click the arrow in the upper right corner.
  5. Your account profile will then appear. Click Reset with your email.
  6. Select the menu to continue.
  7. You will get an email message from Instagram to reset Instagram account password.
  8. Open an email account and click the message body to reset the password.
  9. Click Reset Password.
  10. Enter a new password and make sure you remember it, even note that it's not forgotten.

How to permanently delete an Instagram account

If you are sure to delete the Instagram account, then you can follow these steps. It is not difficult to delete an Instagram account, including for those of you who use Android or iPhone. Here's how to delete an IG (Instagram) account that forgot the password that you can follow :
  1. Visit
  2. Enter the username and password you changed earlier.
  3. Then, there will be a caption at the bottom of the option that contains the question "Why do you delete your account?".
  4. You can choose one of the reasons that suit you. If you don't find the appropriate reason, you can randomly select it.
  5. Write back the password used to confirm the deletion process.
  6. It will then appear a "permanently delete my Account" statement.

How to delete a temporary Instagram account

If you don't want to permanently delete your account, you can follow how to temporarily delete the IG (Instagram) account. Here are the steps you can follow :
  1. Log into your Instagram account via HP browser or PC.
  2. After that, you have to open the website page .
  3. You'll also see a question that contains "Why do you deactivate this account?"
  4. You are also asked to choose one of the reasons that best suit yourself.
  5. Write down the password at the bottom for confirmation.
  6. Then, "Click Temporarily disable Account"

Instagram became one of the social media that many people liked. However, not a few of them end up wanting to close an Instagram account for different reasons. You can delete your Instagram account permanently or temporarily, depending on your needs. How to delete a IG (Instagram) account that forgot password above you can try.