Formerly magician, now so Mualaf. Watch the richness of Deddy Corbuzier

Who is not familiar with a Deddy Corbuzier or a man named the original Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo this?
Having a career in the entertainment industry for 20 years certainly has made the former Indonesian magician is sure to have a hefty money-purse. Even Deddy's name had become a warm perbicangan everywhere after he had been caught paying his private annual tax that reached more than 2.5 billion years 2017 ago.

The large tax value of course makes its name a trend in various social media. The famous Presenter who has become the only converts was even once called by the Director general of taxation who wants to praise him as an individual and a community leader who wants to obey government policy in paying taxes according to the legislation .

Well, judged as a figure who dapper and likes to dress and use this luxury item he is the source of the income of former magician Deddy Corbuzier who reached up to a billion dollars a month which was successfully collected by How To.

1. Presenter TV

Until now Deddy Corbuzier still has been a profession to be a TV Presenter in TV program that has been in its path for 8 years Hitam Putih. Still a favorite talk show program of Indonesian people, even bring Deddy successfully won the award As the best Presenter in the Panasonic Award in 2017.

His popularity and success in bringing the talkshow was successful to make Deddy to be paid high enough per episode. For every 1 episode Deddy paid RP50 million, with the schedule of delivery of Hitam Putih which is 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) This means for a week Deddy managed to pocket for Rp250 million and means RP1 billion per month only as a presenter for 1 TV Show.

2. Property Entrepreneurs

Through another artist's Youtube video, Deddy admitted that he had a high income instead of being pure as an entertainer. There are several businesses that are involved in Deddy and one of them is as a property entrepreneur.

Deddy has been in this profession already from a long time, even as he is still active in magicians. He said the business started from buying a new home/used ordinary, but because this type of business was seen to have a good process, Deddy finally to the maximum to plunge into the business by building their own house building for sale later or rented.

3. Mobile shop owner and camera at one of the big Mall in South Jakarta

3. Mobile shop owner and camera at one of the big Mall in South Jakarta

The other business involved in Deddy is the hype Electronic equipment store, Handphone and complete camera with its accessories. But, regarding his business this one Deddy did not explain much. He only claimed to have both stores in one of the big Mall in Jakarta.

Deddy said he would not involve its popularity as an artist while living the business. However, despite the popularity of the mobile store business and the camera of Deddy Corbuzier, it can be said to be quite successful and profitable.

4. Youtuber

No need to be asked again with this one profession, it can be said to be a Youtuber is one of the career boost of his articulate that is fairly successful. For young children who are still older many who are more familiar with Deddy as a Vlogger than he is as a magician or TV presenter.

Having plunged into the world of Youtube since 2013, the total of all videos that have been uploaded to their Youtubenya account called ' Deddy Corbuzier ' also has achieved total viewership reaching over 120m views. Coupled with his new videos that aired after he managed to reach 4.9 million subscribers.

Deddy had previously done a simulated income he gained by becoming a Youtuber, about which he could earn RP16 million more per month just by uploading videos and it did not include advertising and Endorsan.

5. Endorsment

As a personal TV famous certainly has social media is one must. Be it for sharing information, personal life or looking for extra money again. Very understanding of the power of social media can add to the debris of his money. Deddy did not refuse to do endorsment on Instagram's social media.

Although the payment given to him for each product varies, but at least tens of millions of numbers must be received for a single post. But, the former magician said it is not haphazardly accepting endorsement goods, most endorsed items that it receives are clothes for muscular men, supplements for health or things that smell health and exercise.

6. Sales Diet Books OCD

Briefly wrote about OCD diet (Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet) which contains about the dietary patterns it creates itself, complete with procedures and other information. The success of this book can still be felt by Deddy until now.

The book that was published in 2013 is still a best seller in many bookstores both online and offline until now. The images that have changed since the book Mempublishkan and are included with some evidence of tangible results from people who have served to create a healthy diet book of Deddy is still popular to the present.

7. Open the GYM business

Sports and healthy lifestyles nowadays have become a very inherent thing to Deddy Corbuzier, has even become a new passion in him. For that new business this GYM is one of Deddy's dreams that can finally be realize.

Having a business in line with his hobby is already a dreams, but the funds to be spent is also quite expensive. For Deddy initial capital should drain the cheque up to RP8 billion. But the GYM is called Osbond Gym Corbuzier so far it is running smoothly even though it is still very new, and is classified as a quality facility that is quite elite.

Smart Looking at Opportunities

Opportunities are not awaited but created and business opportunities can be for anyone, not necessarily artists who have names or people who have a lot of capital. Like Deddy Corbuzier who built a mobile store business and his camera that successfully succeeded because of his expertise in looking at the trend and processing his business is not because of his name as an artist.

But that doesn't mean he can't make use of his popularity. Seeing his successful self being a Youtuber certainly has a huge influence on his success as a Youtuber with a high number of views and a large total of subscribers, thereby making him profit up to tens of millions just by Become a Youtuber.

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