Facebook monetization terms to make money

Facebook's monetization terms have recently been a warm topic of conversation. This is because in the last months the Facebook platform is a renown Facebook creator with a function similar to the YouTube creator. This of course makes uploading videos that are done on Facebook to be able to make money.
Facebook monetization terms to make money

Who thought that by simply uploading a video alone on Facebook, could produce money that is quite decent. However, not all videos uploaded on Facebook can make money. You need to monetize your account first. How? We will discuss the all you have for you here.

Terms for Facebook monetisation videos to be able to benefit

In the last month, Facebook gave an announcement about the new Facebook monetization policy or terms, in order to encourage the business process of creating video content. This latest system relies heavily on the features of the video to be suggested by Facebook. Where usually Facebook will show you the video content that Facebook users often watch.

After watching the video, users will usually see an ad. The ads that appear are usually similar to the ads that are commonly seen when watching YouTube. Unlike Facebook video ads in the age, because these ads will appear with a sound. So these ads will be short videos that appear at the view of the videos being watched on Facebook.

Sponsored factors affecting Video revenue

There are several factors that can affect the amount of revenue that can be earned through Facebook in addition to Facebook monetization terms. The factor is sponsor. Videos that run on Facebook will usually give you a profit if you have a sponsor. Here are some factors that can affect the revenue of videos uploaded and watched on Facebook.
  • The number of ads that Facebook users have shown and watched at one time round of the video.
  • Number of ads received.
  • The length of time that users use for views of each video watched.
There is a share of advertising revenue for creators with Facebook. This division is a creator will get 55% of the profit amount gained while the 45% for Facebook itself. But if the user watches the ad video at a time, 55% of it will be re-divided between the video creators.

Facebook monetization or Facebook creator terms

There are some requirements that Facebook creator or monetization applies. The requirements are, firstly, the eligibility standards to be accepted by Facebook monetization. You must properly understand all eligibility standards so that you can meet Facebook's eligibility. These eligibility standards include all the rules that apply to content, pages and groups on Facebook.

Secondly, Facebook page must have more than 10,000 followers or like. The videos you upload must be available on the page, not on your Facebook profile. The Facebook page must also have a follower count of more than 10,000 followers. Third, the 1-minute impression for the video is 3 minutes long. 

The intention is that the video you upload must be at least one minute from the total length of the 3-minute video. This metric determines your success rate in Facebook monetization terms with ad breaks within the last 60 days, you must reach 30,000 one-minute impressions at least for 3-minute videos.

The last monetization requirement is that there must be availability within the country. Ad Lag is a program that constantly develops well. The good news, this feature is already available in Indonesia and you can use this feature to make the most of your money. So some Facebook monetization terms you should do to earn.

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