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Cool photo Spot in Celosia Bandungan Flower Park Semarang

Moment holidays with family, friends and couples will certainly be a beautiful moment that is hard to be repeated again, especially if we are a very busy person with a lot of work demands, of course the holidays with the family is a moment Which is highly recommended, for this holiday plan must be thoroughly prepared, so that the holidays can always be memorable. One of the must-visit holiday with the family is the Celosia flower garden located in the Bandungan of Semarang.
Cool photo Spot in Celosia Bandungan Flower Park Semarang
Cool photo Spot in Celosia Bandungan Flower Park Semarang

Tourist spot around the Celosia Flower Park

Bandungan is not only famous for its delicious and worth to try, but also many tourist destinations worth a visit with friends and family, one of the must-visit tourist destinations When traveling to Bandungan is a garden of Celosia flower, in addition to this celosia flower garden There is also Gedong Songo temple which is one of the flagship tourist destinations also in the city of Semarang.
Tourist spot around the Celosia Flower Park

Tourist spot around the Celosia Flower Park

Gedong Songo Temple is located just below the slopes of Ungaran Mountain which is not far from the tourist attraction Park Celosia, when we holiday there, we will be welcomed with the fresh air that is in the area of Gedong Songo temple, very cool air And still very beautiful is a plus value of its own, for a tourism object, because it is a tourist attraction, of course there are also the opening hours and the price of the ticket to be paid by the visitors to have a vacation to this place.

Gedong Songo Temple started to start (open) at 06:00 Wib morning and close at 17:00 Wib afternoon, while the price of admission is arguably very cheap and very affordable that is for domestic tourists only IDR. 8,000 - IDR. 10,000, while for overseas travelers (foreigners) the ticket price to be paid is IDR. 35,000.-Reasonably cheap for a tourist spot with luxurious quality.

What is the entrance price of the Celoxia Flower Park?

Besides being able to see and enjoy the beauty of the Celosia flowers in the park, of course, we also choose very beautiful photo spots in the area of Celosia Flower Garden. Read Also : What you should know about Suramadu bridge!!!

To get into the area of Celosia Flower Garden, visitors are required to pay a ticket of Rp. 10,000 with the cost of the ticket that has been paid, the visitors can freely take photos in the cool spots that are in the park area without any cost further.

In this millennial era, cool photo spots with a lot of blooming flowers are very trending among children of Now and old age. The type of flowers planted in the garden celosia flower is Celosia, according to the name of the park itself, very beautiful colors and Colorfull, at least that's the first impression when we start to enter one of the newest tourist destinations in Semarang city.

For the very same demen whose name is flowering, will surely be at home really, because in addition to being made as a cool photo spot we can also buy flowers provided by the organizer of the flower Garden that is sold already packaged in a polybag container. And not only celosia flowers, but there are also various types of flowers such as lavender flowers, diantus flowers, great VIIa flowers, Hebras and many more.

Cool photo Spot That's in the Garden of Celosia flower

In addition to spot photo spots in the form of flower overlays. Visitors can also take pictures at other photo spots, such as on a replica of a relaxing statue in Singapore, a replica of the Eifel tower, a replica of the existing windmills in the Netherlands and many other cool spots that can be taken.

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