Causes of Hp camera blur and how to fix it

There are various causes of the HP opaque camera thus making the camera capture less maximum. When you find a fun moment like meeting an old friend, sometimes you want to capture a moment with your phone's camera. Sure it sucks once not if it photos with HP camera But the result is ugly? You should check your camera.
Causes of Hp camera blur and how to fix it
Causes of Hp camera blur and how to fix it
You may be misplaced or careless in storing your phone so that your mobile camera is blurry and produces a photo that is not to your liking. Here are some causes of camera on blurry phone that may occur on your phone.

Scratched camera lens Cover

This case is the cause of the most frequent opaque hp camera. Most people are less cautious about putting mobile phones and eventually scratched when placing them on rough surfaces. Rugged surfaces can cause scratches on your phone's camera lens cap and result in blurry shots.

The fix is that you can use silicon or HP Motomo protector. However, if the camera lens cover is scratched, it can be repaired by applying a toothpaste in front of the lens, then gently scrub it. This can remove fine-sized strokes on the outer surface of the lens.

You need to use white toothpaste instead of the gel type toothpaste to get the result. If it is still blurry after being rubbed using toothpaste, you need to replace the camera cover. You can ask your provider to help you pair. If you are going to install it yourself, you should pud the camera lens lid using razor carefully. After the camera lens is detached, you can replace it with a new lid.

Dust attached to the lens

The other cause of opaque HP cameras is the presence of dust and dirt attached to the outside of the lens. The case is almost the same as the previous cause, because the phone is placed carelessly, dust enters and sticks to the inner lens, causing dirt to accumulate on the lens. The shots are not maximized and blurry.

You can fix it by opening the outer casing so that it looks in the lens. Then you can use eucalyptus oil to clean it. Pour a small amount of eucalyptus oil on the tissues and then rub the inner lens to clean the dust from the lens surface.

Cloudy camera lens

If you often put a smartphone in a place with a condition that is too humid, certainly can make a dewy lens. Even worse, your lens is overgrown with mushrooms. And this is also why the HP camera is blurry. If that's the case, then it will surely affect the results taken through the phone camera. To overcome the dewy lenses, turn off the smartphone immediately and remove the battery. 

Then you can dry your phone with a blow dryer on the grid or hole on the right side of the phone to make the temperature stable and not dewy anymore. You can also remove the lid of your lens and wipe the lens with eucalyptus oil if the lens has been overgrown mushrooms.

You better keep your phone by giving it a pretty safe casing and covering. You also need to pay attention when you put your phone in order not to cause bad on your phone. The various causes of opaque phone cameras mentioned above are the most numerous and common. 

Of course sometimes there are different causes that you have to take and consult a service place to be given the proper handling or replacing several partitions. Therefore, keep your phone from the various causes of the HP camera blur and be careful in putting your phone to avoid scratching or damage to the phone.