Business Opportunity Air Fan rental, rake from air conditioners

The need for cooling equipment at an event is now a mandatory necessity to support the comfort of the guests present. If used a lot of cooling tools are AC standing, now there are innovations that bring new cooling tools that are more environmentally friendly and cheaper than the air conditioning standing rent is water fan rental.

The rental of this tool is now starting many of its interests compared to other rental cooling tools. This tool is not like a standing fan usually, because it has a fairly large size and connected with a box or tank where the water to produce a cool blowing like air-conditioning.

Although the simple but cool look of this tool produced is not inferior to other portable cooling tools.

Water Fan Working system

Business Opportunity Air Fan rental, rake from air conditioners

The water fan has the same working principle as air cooler, where it converts the water in the tank that is sprayed into a splash in a very small form, and will mix with the wind generated by the propeller so that Bring out the cool air.

The water particles that are sprayed in front of the propeller will bind the surrounding hot air. This principle is the same as the work of cooling water cooler process into cool air. Cooling equipment that utilize the evaporation of water mixed with air is classified into Evaporative Air Cooler (EAC).

Although cool water cooler like this water fan can not produce air as much as AC because the function of this fan is to cool the air not to cool the air. The cool air is healthier for all circles, because the cool air is enough to make the body not feel the heat or sully, but not to make people feel cold.

Conversely air-generated air Conditioner does aim to cool the air, so that the temperature produced this tool feels very cold and for some people who are not strong with the temperature too cold can experience bloating or wind in.

Advantages of water Fan rental

Advantages of water Fan rental

This water fan has more benefits for the body as well as the skin than coolant like AIR conditioner. This fan produces cool air produced from water so as to increase the humidity, while the air conditioner generates cold air from Compressor and refrigerant which lowers the humidity of the air.

The use of water fans can also help the environment become better because, the use of cooling equipment is able to reduce the presence of gas emissions that can cause the depletion of the ozone layer caused by CFC gas substances originating from AC other than It also comes with a filter. The cooled cool fan with the water tank is derived from the natural evaporation process of the water occurring around the people.

In addition to being better for the environment, the use of this fan can also further save the use of electricity, this is what makes today more and more the fan-cooled with this cool-water steam to be installed in various events. With more efficient electrical power, more and more units can be installed. This makes the business of the refrigeration more promising in the future.

The treatment of this one cooling tool is also easier and cheaper, so you will be more comfortable to manage the water fan rental business. Although it looks great, this fan is designed to be portable so it can moveable anywhere easily. There is a wheel on the bottom so that the fan can be pushed to move around.

There is also a dedicated front wheel that is made to keep this fan from running where so the user feels safe. This fan is the only cooling device that can be used for outdoor events. As you know the indoor event for various purposes is very popular lately, so that water fan rental service becomes a very good opportunity in relation to the situation.

Regarding the capital to provide its unit, the price per unit of the fan is not as expensive as AC, because the price range of this cooling device amounted to Rp 600 thousand to reach Rp 2.5 million. For the most expensive price, usually the resulting wind power is enormous.

The many advantages that this cooling tool has, making a lot of EO parties or Event Organizer hunt for water fan rental to serve as partners. This opportunity is one of the advantages of this air conditioning rental business, namely you can establish cooperation with other types of business.

The more you establish cooperation with various parties organizer, the more profit you will get regularly, because as we know that an EO is rarely quiet from customers. Moreover, in big cities, not only a wedding event is a lot of people will use EO, but for all kinds of events even small events such as birthdays are many people in the big city that use EO. Looking at a variety of these good prospects, it is not wrong if you choose to open a water fan rental business in a big city, as it is guaranteed to be a sweet bestselling.

From what has been discussed in this article, it can be concluded that the fan rental business with cool water vapors in various big cities is very promising, because throughout the comfort of the event is definitely a priority and to make the guests Comfortable invitations and spared from the heat, usually the party that takes care follows an event will provide cooling tools.

The tool to cool the current room trend is water fan, because this tool cooling the room without causing the harmful CFC gas waste if inhalation too much, besides this fan also more efficient electrical power and easy to Transferred because it is portable.

The water fan also becomes a tool that can be used as a cooling for outdoor events, this is the advantage of this fan that is not owned by other cooling equipment. Because of its very flexible nature, many businessmen EO looking for a water fan rental place to serve as a partner for the needs of cooling equipment as a complement to their properties, this is a plus point for fan business that can produce air Cool from the evaporation of this water, because you can benefit more in a sustainable way if it can cooperate with other parties such as business event organizer.

To buy water fan unit is also no cost is too large because the price per unit ranged from Rp 600 thousand to Rp 2.5 million. From the various explanations above, sure you become increasingly confident to immediately start the water fan rental business instead?