A collection of free and cool Premium Wordpress templates

WordPress, maybe you've heard it very often? Or even already one of its users? What is Wordpress itself? Well, WordPress is a content management system or a commonly abbreviated CMS and most of its users around the world. The advantages it offers are capable of attracting the attention of most people. This WordPress advantage is located on any type of website that can be created. For example, this CMS allows you not only to create a simple blog, but also an ecommerce site, create a portfolio, newspaper, or anything that fits your creativity. One of the essentials in WordPress making is defining themes and templates.
A collection of free and cool Premium Wordpress templates
A collection of free and cool Premium Wordpress templates
Why is a Template theme in the say important? Because the template or theme itself is a set of files that can organize the look of content on a site we have. We can just imagine if without a template. The look of your website will not have its appeal at all. A mediocre impression might be better suited. While your site may have loaded a variety of major components, it's still the same as the resulting view won't look appealing. Therefore, try the search theme for your website as per topic and also the purpose of your website is established, especially for WordPress sites.

Maybe you've seen a WordPress sure to have the availability of various or even hundreds of thousands of themes or templates. However, because of the many templates, are you not confused on choosing the right theme – really good? One of the habits of those who actually negatively impacts is changing the template to your liking. Although it is only a simple matter, but actually can be serious. Why? Because it can not form the characteristics of our website. Other possibilities could impact the indexing of our blog in the eyes of search engines.

We can be kind of like when choosing a suitable hosting, specifying a WordPress theme for free and as needed also requires a period of time so that you do not mistake the decision. Because so many free themes in WordPress. We can find it easily because it is circulating on the Internet, either in the WordPress theme directory or other sites. So it will certainly make you a bit confused to choose which of the best WordPress templates to meet your needs. Don't worry. In the subtitle below will provide practical solutions in the form of a sample template that is recommended for those of you who want to use the best type of theme, cool and free.

A collection of free and cool Premium Wordpress templates

1. Shapely

The first one comes from "Shapely" which is the type of template that suits you. Especially those who do not have basic knowledge of website development. Why? Because this Shapely has the ease to use by anyone, even for a beginner. For example, someone without programming skills can create a professional online store website with only a Shapely template and a WooCommerce plugin. Your website will also perform well through all your devices, tablets, smartphones, laptops, or computers. In fact, its appearance has also been aligned with all the latest web browser types.

2. Storefront

Next is "Storefront". This one Template in the same hand is a matching pair for the WooCommerce plugin. Why? Because the theme was originally developed by the WooCommerce developers. In terms of color selection and layout of the look when noted also very comfortable especially when combined with a WooCommerce plugin. Only, for storefront templates There is no availability of shortcodes or sliders as you need. However, if you want to use it, you just have to install another plugin that has functions and features to suit your needs.

3. Shop Isle

Shop Isle is another type of best template. Its pros are reported Darisalah one WordPress online store template that can be acquired for free – only or for no charge. Although it is free, this template does not at all disappoint its users. Where an attractive and unique look becomes one of the main charms of this WordPress template, it's especially in terms of showcasing your products. The Bootstrap-based Shop Isle, which will integrate with WooCommerce plugins without any problems. So it allows you to not have to spend a lot of time just to connect between payment gateways or just simply post a product.

4. NewsMag

The next interesting Template is NewsMag. One theme with stylish news and magazines. You can already imagine it? Because this template is perfect for you who create and manage blogs with media news. In addition, another advantage is that it is located on a compatible design for your electronic device baikdesktop, mobile or tablet. Because its popularity blog this NewsMag theme has active users reach the number 20 thousand. As for the rating on the WordPress site get a pretty good acquisition of about 4.5 stars of 5 stars. Cool isn't it?

5. Awaken

"Awaken" is a type of template that is not less popular in attracting WordPress users compared to other types of templates. This blog Template derived from Themezhut's artificial magazine style is unusual but rather responsive as well as compatible for mobile, desktop, and tab electronics. Not only that this theme also provides a wide range of widgets for Its free version For example is like YouTube video widget, single category posts widget, two block posts widget, and ad widget.

6. Hueman

A blog Template that has its own appeal to users is Hueman. This Theme with news and magazine style is suitable for you who have a neat and elegant form of structure. In its description on the WordPress site itself, Hueman has claimed to be a news and magazine-style blog theme with the best rating of 5 stars. A very high rating is not it? In addition, Hueman now has an active user reaching the number 70 thousand from all over the world. Awesome huh?

7. Point

Still not move on with the style templates news and magazine? We move on to the next one is the "Point" template. This one template has its popularity with the same level as the best template we've covered. Despite the magazine style, there are a few things from this theme that make it unique and appealing to its users. Most of his users even think, this is a template with a magazine type but different.  No wonder, around Wordpress users, this theme is a good choice.

8. Leto

The next WordPress Template is present for you who set up an online store. A clever businessman will definitely choose a template that beautifies his shop on the website. So, Letto offers it. The famous Template developed by the figure Athemes has helped in providing various features. For example the features for widgets that are important for store Onlineheader, theme options options, Google fonts options and of course will also be integrated nicely with WooCommerce.

9. Eightstore Lite

The Theme goes in the best ranks next and being one of the WordPress templates for online stores worth considering is the Eightstore Lite. Why? Do you know? We see from some of its main features that have a feature, product slider, video integration in pop up banner, advanced Wishlist, Product search field, columns for partner logos and payments, testimonial columns, and a variety of interesting font options.

10. Breviter

The next uniqueness Template is Breviter. This cool and SEO friendly Blog has a personal and lifestyle. Do you know? One-only personal blog Template that is well known and popular for its first Wordpress users is Breviter. How not? This Theme has been designed in such a minimalist way and adapted for bloggers who want to show their content professionally, but don't forget to still show the personality side.

The description above is a reference that can help solve your problem in determining the suitable WordPress template and according to your needs. The best WordPress templates for your site don't have to pay expensive. Because in fact, free WordPress templates can be very effective as a type of premium theme. Sometimes even provide most or all of the features you want.

This list of best WordPress templates you can download for free so that it can be used to further beautify the look of your blog. You have the opportunity to freely use the theme as needed. Please choose the best one and according to your interests and needs. Many information, hopefully useful!