6 ways to use Make Up for Sipit eyes

Usually a small eyelid is one characteristic of Asian women. The squat can be a pride for a woman. However, it can also be a boomerang when it comes to appearing to be prettier when makeup. Any attempt is made to get the shape of the eye to suit your wishes. Some want to make the eyelids bigger or even otherwise smaller. Why? Yaa, especially it is to look beautiful and beautiful when it is seen as a characteristic of the eyes that all women dream of. Surely you are not?
6 ways to use Make Up for Sipit eyes
6 ways to use Make Up for Sipit eyes
Generally not only women alone, men who are dominant do not make up also sometimes want to show the perfect shape of the eye. Especially possible at certain events that require the person to look cool. The shape of the original eye that is squinted can make one not appear confident. This usually happens to artists, singers, movie players, models, presenters or performers who require them to look beautiful and handsome in glass. Without a good makeup technique appearance becomes less attractive.

Nowadays, many famous people from the artist or who have professional in his field also have shared a lot of makeup tutorials. A school or makeup course in a salon or a particular place is widely available. There are various beauty tutorials online and offline. For example in the form of magazines, guidebooks, video tutorials on YouTube and other – other. This aims to make it easier to obtain the desired form of eye appearance.

Because so much latest information about makeup tutorials and how to make up. Be it from the necessary makeup material, the tools, brands and types that you recommend using. Definitely will make you confused in choosing. Don't worry, you just need to know the Tips that are short, easy, and clear to make the shape of the eye fit. The simple way will be outlined in the description below. Please listen.

How to use Make Up for Sipit eyes

1. Notice the eyelid

A slight touch of makeup on your eyelids can shape your eyes. For small eyes and petals, it is recommended to use light colour eyeshadow by pressing it until the brow bone. You can choose the color of light blue, light purple, green, orange, silver and gold on your eyelids. The right color selection can also be adjusted by the fashion or clothing theme you wear.

2. Notice the eye angle

Each person's eye corner is actually different. Well for a small eye on the corner of the outside eye try to use dark eyeshadow color for example old brown or black. Why? It aims to make terbentukkanya little eyes that impress more expressive. As for the corner of the eye on the outside wear a bright color to make the eye impression cleaner. For your own color selection depends. If the makeup is natural, you can choose the nuance of the Coklelat color. If the opposite is to feast please choose a bold color like the colors of green, blue and gold.

3. Use Eyeliner

Eyeliner has an important role in making your eyes ' bigger impression. Of course, thanks to eyeliner can further define the eye lines. The trick is to wear black eyeliner in the precise parts of the eyelashes ' growth. As for the bottom part you can use a white definers. Just keep your eyes at a glance going wider than ever?

4. Use false eyelashes

The perfect shape of the eyelashes also enhances the ideal shape of the eye. Practical advice for you to try using false eyelashes. Choose the best eyelashes that can make your eyes add enchanting. Well, preferably before finally using the eyelashes, trim the shape manually briefly as to cut the tip of the two pairs of false eyelashes so that later when worn is not impressed as the eyes fall.

5. Use Mascara

Eyelashes are a valuable asset to the eye. If no eyelashes of course his appearance will not be perfect. Therefore, to further flicking the shape of the eyelashes and increase the volume of this function of mascara. If you are someone who is still public in using mascara the way is easy. You just have to clamp the eyelashes with the eyelash clamp tool and refine it again by making use of a specially given box lens to make the effect enlarge your eyes.

Not to be separated from it should all be familiar with the true-first form of your eye. Although you may have eyes that are sipite and Sayu, the shape will be slightly different. And also has different shortcomings. If you already know, you can take a step with a slight difference in the preview and the lines you need to make and emphasize your eyes so that the results maximize the appearance. The technique of makeup techniques above can be directly you try.

It's so easy? You can practice it anytime and anywhere with simple and easy makeup but make your eyes bigger. You can look confident with the makeup. Never think, to dislike the shape of your eyes because it is actually a remarkable gift of God. With a little touch of makeup you can get a matching face mode. This includes make-up of the nose shape, making the cheeks more taper, thicker eyelashes, ideal eyebrow shape, etc.