6 ways to cope with sleeping hard during pregnancy

Difficulty sleeping can be experienced by anyone including a woman who is through the process of pregnancy. Even this is already a common occurrence and disturbing the sleep time of the mother. Most of the expectant mothers also feel their own special concerns at the time of conceiving both young and old pregnant desperately need enough sleep time. Various complaints also become a factor in the decline of sleep quality that is obtained by pregnant women. For example, symptoms are uncomfortable because of the growing stomach, leg cramps, nasal congestion, a sense of heat in the chest and more frequent urination at night.
6 ways to cope with sleeping hard during pregnancy
6 ways to cope with sleeping hard during pregnancy
Symptoms of these symptoms can not be avoided. During pregnancy, the body is experiencing various changes. However, trouble sleeping in pregnant women can be resolved. Regular sleep is also called Insomnia. This condition is condisiwhere one has a good quality of sleep. Things can happen for example the difficulty of starting to sleep, often waking up at night, hard to close your eyes back to sleep after waking up, punting to sleep. Although this condition is not harmful to your baby, but pregnant women still need adequate rest for the health of mothers and fetus in the stomach.

Especially the mother should be more noticed when the gestational age has reached the third trimester, because usually at the age of many mothers who complain because of poor quality of sleep. Before knowing the Tips to overcome imsomnia on mothers contain, it is best to find out the factors that cause the difficulty of sleep. Sometimes some factors also occur because the mother does not pay attention to the correct consumption and certain activities that affect the body calmness.

Usually the mother is unaware of the wrong sleep patterns such as bad sleep routines, the presence of physical hyperactivity, then watching TV right before the sleep plus an unstable emotional. You should fix the matter first and follow some good suggestions for your hard-to-sleep as shown below. Some tricks will also help you get past the pregnancy well and smoothly. Please be listened.

How to cope with sleep insomnia during pregnancy

1. Pay attention to sleep position 

The way and sleep position of pregnant women is very important, especially in the old pregnant. It is recommended to sleep in a sloped position and bend the knee. Just adjust which positions will make you feel right at ease. Meanwhile, if an old pregnant mother feels the symptoms of the chest heat, then try to sleep with a half-seated position while the back rests on a comfortable pile of pillows. Also take advantage of extra pillows to make your sleep more comfortable. In addition to supporting body parts, pillows can be used to hold the abdomen or place them between the legs while lying one side.

2. Make a good routine sleep pattern

As we've discussed a little earlier, a good sleep routine is very good. Then create a sleep pattern that you will do. How? Find activities that can help you sleep before bedtime, set with a regular sleep schedule. It's great if you wake up later at the same time, even on weekends. You can use a help tool like snooze tracking. The existence of a regular and consistent pattern can help you to overcome the difficulty of sleeping due to irregular patterns.

3. Take time for a nap

Be sure to rest during the day, especially if you're on the move that drains your mind. By taking the time to take a nap, you can relax your mind and stay in shape. There is no need for a long time, briefly enough. Make sure it's also included in the list or regular sleep patterns you've made in the previous points.  Did you know? It can also be an alternative to the often disturbed night sleep time replacement.

4. Therapy or relaxation at home

In order to keep your body muscles and the mind of pregnant women try to do therapy techniques at home. Such as massage, stretching, yoga or breathing. Then another relaxation technique is with a warm shower at the time before bedtime. Pregnancy symptoms such as cramps and tension can be solved because it has been stretching and the breathing technique is good and correct. The therapy is good because it involves self-monitoring, a good mental strategy to be able to sleep comfortably. If necessary you can use the assistance of a therapist or a guide from the book or online.

5. Ensure adequate mineral intake

Mineral intake is very important for the body, because in pregnancy the mother is very need to drink water more than normal when not pregnant. By eating a regular white water especially in the morning and daytime is very good for the metabolism of the body. Avoid drinking beverages that contain excessive caffeine. Make sure you drink more water as it is good to neutralize. However, it is worth noting that you should limit drinking water several hours before entering the time of your sleep. 

6. Use a good bed means

External factors that affect sleep quality are around where you sleep. For example, what kind of bed do you use? Have you used the right mattress? Because in fact comfortable mattresses can improve the quality of sleep is satisfied. Choose the type of mattress that makes you comfortable, not too soft or even the other way around. Exposure to your indoor light rays is also worth noting. The light rays between twilight and at bedtime can affect the quality of sleep due to rapid changes. Then, preferably before bed dim the light two hours before you sleep. So you will not be surprised and can enjoy your bedtime. Includes avoid the use of screen lights of handphone and TV before bedtime.

The explanation above is more information about the best solutions to help mothers who are now pregnant but have problems with his sleep. These suggestions are believed by gynecologist as the best way to cope with insomnia. If you have done it correctly but there is no development at all, please consult with your doctor or trust midwife regarding the symptoms that you can not solve yourself.

In addition to the night sleep that is important for mothers to contain, it is recommended that you also can fulfill these needs by sleeping during the day as a fulfillment of sleep time. If you are a pregnant woman who is still working, practical advice that is better to take pregnant leave when the age of content stepped 36 weeks. Even if you intend to take the maternity leave after approaching the day of birth, surely you will benefit more because it is better prepared to face sudden changes in daily routine including symptoms of insomnia.