6 Places of interest in Malang the best you must try

Indonesia has a remarkable natural charm in the eyes of Indonesian society and in the eyes of the world. Proven from a lot of tourists and tourists who come to visit our beloved state to enjoy the various tourism objects on offer. Some areas even make tourist spots as a hallmark or symbol to introduce their area to the crowd. One of the areas in Indonesia that has a worldwide appeal is Malang tourism. You probably will no longer be familiar with these beautiful places. Because of its popularity, this attraction is always crowded with tourists or families who are on vacation.

In addition to the well known nice and beautiful place. Here you are also allowed to expel the fatigue for a while after a period of activities and activities that are exhausting. Various tours in this poor city can also be adapted to your interests and desires. From mountains that cater for you who love nature and hiking. There are also temple and museum tours that are a means of education to find out past history. It is suitable for parents who want to teach their children about historical relics.

Another one, in the city located in the province of Central Java, provides other types of tourism. There are water tours, games, shopping centers, hills, farmland, parks and much more. Holiday destinations in Malang, can indeed be your best choice for recreation. Especially for those of you who have never come to this area at all. Interested to visit soon? Want to start from a tourist location that used to be? Don't worry, before making your holiday itinerary, you should check out the various reference spots in Malang that you must try to make the best holiday memories. More please listened.

6 Places of interest in Malang the best you must try

1. Wonosari Tea Plantation

Wonosari Tea Plantation

Malang City is famous for its stunning and cool mountains. In addition in the mountainous region there is also a tea garden that is very dominant with the natural scenery of the village is thick. This garden is managed by one of the big companies named PT. Plantation Nusantara which is located at 1,250 meters above sea level. If you want to visit, the place is precisely on the slopes of Mount Arjuno, Toyomarto, Singosari, Malang. The name of Wonosari tea plantation that offers a beautiful scenery is amazing. As for operating hours is o'clock. 06.00-17.00 WIB with ticket price Monday – Friday for Rp. 8,000 and Saturday-Sunday for Rp. 12,000.

This one unfortunate tour is perfect for you who want to calm your mind because the typical cold eve of Malang City can you feel here. This can make you add relax and enjoy the holidays, rarely – rarely can you feel the sensation in the other place. Well, like a tour in general here there are many good photo spots. One of them is a bridge in the middle of tea garden made of wood. It will be very visible once the natural scenery.

In addition to photo and take pictures from various spots, you can also do various activities and activities such as doing Flying Fox, ride ATV, Wall Climbing, shopping center by – by and accessories and around the tea plantation Using the mini train transport. Interesting at all? You can visit this place by using public or private transportation, just make sure to get past the road quite uphill.

2. Colourful Village

Different nuances of this time you can get in the city of Malang. Where one of these tours will blow you away. Have you imagined before walking around in a village area filled with cheerful nuance? Well, in Malang this is the answer, there you can find a village with colorful colors that are very appealing. There are even a lot of interesting and nice photo spots. Just check the location in Jodipan District, Blimbing District, Malang. Open every day at 06.00-18.00 WIB with admission ticket only IDR 3,000/person only.

Also, do you know? Previously the area was a slums also dull. The area, however, is transformed into a cool tourist spot. This is thanks to the idea that was poured by a number of students from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Everything changed 100% from the beginning not at all have a tourist attraction become a crowded tourist attraction in the visit. Now, the colorful village of Jodipan is a very warm conversation in all circles. Even in rows of Malang's most-rated tourist spots.

When you're in the village, make sure you don't miss out on any of the photos. There are several cool locations to take pictures that are recommended for you NIH including Brantas Bridge, Umbrella Hall, 3D painting, and Glass bridge. Guaranteed to Deh your photos will be satisfactory for the show on Instagram. You can visit with easy access because it is located approximately 400m south of the train station Malang Kota Baru. You can take the Angkot with the code of ABG/ABH, AMG/AMH. AGJ/AJH and or MT from the station. 

3. Bidadari Bay

Hearing his name just maybe you will be very surprised ya. Why is the Bay of Bidadari? If you want to know the reason, please visit your friend. Well, did you know? Not only the atmosphere of the mountains that can feel the coolness of nature. There is a cool place for you to relax with a different nuance, yes in Teluk Bidadari. This bay of Bidadari itself is located in Mbehi Beach which in fact is not less as beautiful as the beach Tour from the city of Bali Loh. In addition, the shape of the bay is very unique like a niche on the rocks and contains seawater.

Various activities and activities you can enjoy from cool photo hunting, swimming including you who can not swim because the natural pool is quite shallow. Then, while swimming, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the ocean that beautifully presented. Well, intend to visit? So, you can direct your steps to the beach Kondang Merak through several places namely Gadang, Buluwalang, Gondanglegi and Batur.

It is better not to hesitate to ask the community around Mbehi's beach location, so you are not confused. As for the parking lot you have to stop at the entrance of Sugu Beach. And from there you have to walk for approximately 40 minutes. Although it takes a long time and looks exhausting, it's all about paying off when you arrive. For the full address is located in the village Sumberbening, Kec. The... Malang. Open every day with ticket price Rp. 5,000 to Mbehi Beach and Rp. 10,000 for tracking Guide to Teluk Bidadari.

4. Budung Asu

For those of you who prefer to have a vacation in a place that is not too many people, Budung Asu is a suitable place. Budung Asu is one of the tourist attractions located at the foot of Mount Arjuna, Singosari, Malang City. So of course the place will be very cool with a natural panorama that really captivated and spoil your eyes. Along the way you can take photos with the background of the pine forest. Next, you will be treated to a very satisfying photo-viewing garage. In addition, you can also see towering tea gardens.

To get to this cool tourist spot you just need to start the journey from Malang to Lawang. Approximately 500m before Lawang station, you take the direction to the west and follow the road directions to Wonosari's tea plantation. You can apply vehicles in this area only. But if you do not want to visit Wonosari tea plantation First, you can leave it in residents ' residence only. Next you need to walk 1-2 hours to get to Budung Asu. But not this is not how with what you can be later after arriving. Budung Asung Open every day with the price of admission Rp. 5,000

5. Balekambang Beach

Have you ever known this place before? Or even ever visited her before? Balekambang Beach will probably look different from other beaches. This beach has its own CI and tourist characteristics. The full address is located in Dusun Sumber Jambe, Srigonco, Kec. Bantur, Malang. When you visit this one, Bisajadi you will feel like you are in Tanah Lot, Bali. Why? Because there is a temple building that is so graceful. His name is Pura Amerta Jati.

The temple building itself was established as a place of worship for Hindu people in celebrating the "Suroan" which coincides with Nyepi day or the Javanese New year. In addition, interestingly you can enjoy the beauty of sunset here. It will even be more interesting when the sea water is receding where the reef that is so exotic will look beautiful on the beach lips. Then you can also watch the fish with variations of color that will be seen in between the coral reefs.

To be able to visit this area, you can choose Gadang and Kendalpayak line. Then go to Gondanglegi Village, Pagelaran, Batur to Srigonco. Not far from there, you will soon see the exotic Balekambang beach. For operating hours is 24 hours with the ticket price of Monday – Friday is Rp. 10,000 and Saturday-Sunday for Rp. 15,000.

6. The Tundo Coban

The next tour is Coban Tunda, one of the most popular tourism in Malang city area. Do not confess you are a true nature lover if you have never visited Coban Tundo. In this one attraction, the waterfall tracking path is long enough and has a challenge for the visitors. The distance from downtown Malang to this place is approximately 3 hours. As for the next from the parking lot to the location it takes about an hour.

The journey to Coban Tundo, you can start from the center of Malang, then take a route to the south through several places namely Bululawang-Tauren-Sumbermanjing Wetan to Sendang Biru. After that, you can park your vehicle in Tambaksari village and continue on a pretty long walk. Although exhausting, when you get to all will turn into excitement because the panorama is really very captivating.

There is not only one waterfall, at least you will find 3 waterfalls by Coban Tundo which is the main attraction. Interestingly, you will not only see it but you can feel the sensation of swimming and soaking. Interested to visit, come as you are allowed to enter for free in Loh. Go straight to Sidosari village, Kec. Sumbermanjing Wetan, Kota. Malang. This attraction is open 24 hours for you.

This is the information in a concise, solid and clear surrounding the 6 photogenic tourism of Malang, there is a natural pond near the sea also. A variety of facilities that are provided is interesting and unique is not it? Some of the tourist destinations are also not priced at a very expensive price. In fact the required cost is relatively standard and inexpensive for you. So do not worry, in the guarantee you will never regret after a visit. Other advantages there will be plenty of cool photo spots for you, so don't forget to bring your camera yes.

Do not be surprised, if possible after a tour you will think to visit again. Because in fact place above for addiction buddy. You will be made at home and comfortable. This is a natural tourism place that is recommended for you who want to have family recreation, with your spouse or friends. So do not take too long to think, wait especially. Let us go to Malang. Hopefully this information is useful and happy to travel.

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