5 Website references to learn Coding Online

5 Website references to learn Coding Online

In the process of building a website, it does not hurt for you to understand a bit of basic knowledge around coding. While you may have already installed WordPress and feel that it hasn't been a big urgency to learn it, but there are a few benefits that you can get if you learn it.

Besides being able to better manage the website, you do not need to use the services of website developer to develop the website. If creating your own website with a platform such as Website Builder is felt less satisfactory, coding capabilities can help you to explore the features of the website with more flexibility as you see fit.

If you want to customize it, here are 5 reference websites that you can use to learn coding online.

1. Code Academy

With users already reaching over 24 million people in it, Code Academy deserves to be called one of the most utilized sites by those who want to learn coding for free.

There are a variety of online course offerings that you can maximize through this platform, from programming for beginner to material about advanced programming languages.

Code Academy

At Code Academy, the methods of learning and approach can be fairly interactive. In the process of learning, you are not merely gaining theory, but you can immediately apply what you have learned.

Content about coding also has a time quota of up to 300 million hours, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers. The programming languages that can be learned in it are HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby.

2. BitDegree

As a blockchain-based online educational platform, there are a lot of free courses offered by BitDegree. These online courses are not only programming to build websites, but also programming for game development. The course for this development game is known as gamification.

To start the course at BitDegree, you can do the registration first and choose what language you want to use. The language selection includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Indonesian. Furthermore, you can choose the skills or whatever skills you want to learn through the platform.

Specifically for programming, there are several different types of popular programming languages that can be learned through BitDegree, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, and JQuery. In the process of learning, BitDegree provides a reward and achievement system if the user has successfully completed the course he took.

Not only measuring how much success the course has taken, the achievement can also be used by the recruiters to acquire new talents worthy of work in his company.

3. Free Code Camp

Unlike the coding learning website that only provides tutorials, Free Code Camp offers real-life communication and has a community to learn about programming languages directly. Through this platform, you can participate actively in various challenge.

To be able to complete the challenge or challenge, this platform will give you access to a tutorial and programming course first. That way, you can get it done easily. The more challenge you complete, the more knowledge around programming you master.

Free Code Camp

4. Codewars

Almost as with Free Code Camp, you can learn coding or programming languages like Java, Javascript, C#, Ruby, Python, and SQL through a variety of challenges or challenge sets. The challenge is also quite unique because it is inspired by martial arts.

Every challenge in it is called the word term which refers to the judo sport in Japan. Its purpose is to sharpen the skills and expertise that its users have through certain programming languages.


Not to stop there, the end result of the word can also be used to learn a new code from scratch. If you have successfully completed it, then the word will be more challenging.

Through the completion of the challenge one to another challenge, you can look at the comparison solution you already have and which other users offer. From here, you can further explore the different techniques to address any problems related to development.

5. Code School

For beginners who want to learn coding online, both free and paid, the Code School is one of the platforms that can accommodate it. This Website has more than one million users from different parts of the world.

In addition to being governed by different learning methods and processes, online courses through the Code School are also defined by the chosen programming language and skills mastered.

In Code School, you can learn about various programming languages, such as HTML and CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Elixir, PHP, Python, iOS, and Database. In the process of learning, there are 4 types of approaches used. These stages include:

  • Selection of course courses organized and made directly by experts, then learn the materials provided.
  • To practice coding, you can use the browser right away and don't have to wait for a long time to get feedback.
  • Each time you complete 1 course level to another level, you'll earn points for each material you've learned.
  • To measure the success rate of the courses already taken, you can directly monitor the reports in the form of progress and access you have gained.


In today's digital age, you don't have to take a lecture in informatics engineering to be able to learn coding. There are many learning resources in the form of coding tutorials suitable for beginners. Whether to work as a programmer, create a website for a client or a personal project, you can make the most of it for free. Happy Coding!