5 ways to increase AD revenue Breaks Fanspage on Facebook

Who doesn't know one of these social networks? Its use is so popular and is in demand by all social media connoisseurs around the world. Facebook is not only used as a means of entertainment or merely obtaining information, but now it is widely used as an online business medium. Everyone recognizes and uses them from young people, teenagers, to the parents among them. Why? Ease in accessing and operating it into one of its appeal. In addition, its Fanspage feature is also eligible for earning money. By doing monetize on Fanspage, it is not surprising that most people earn a small profit.
5 ways to increase AD revenue Breaks Fanspage on Facebook
5 ways to increase AD revenue Breaks Fanspage on Facebook
Nowadays, social media often referred to by the word "FB" is not only used for status updates or having discussions in groups alone. A lot of people race – the competition is earning, of course it will work in a good and true way. For those of you who have succeeded and successfully get the rupiah Pundi from Facebook, in addition to understanding how to register and memotize video in AD Breaks, surely you also need tips on how to increase revenue from AD Breaks is not it? Not in vain, but it needs a clever and clever way to further your revenue from Facebook's page features. How?

There are some suggestions that you need to try to further understand this digital internet business. Ad Breaks technology embedded in its own fanspage video has a sense of being an ad break or short ad embedded in the video with certain terms and conditions. Next, the video that corresponds to the target audience will be approved by FB to use this ad Break or advert breaks. Well, this is where video creators earn money by including short ads. Like Youtube and Instagram, Facebook continues to have a more frequent increase in its loyal users. You want to try it too? Let's understand how practical it is below.

How to increase AD revenue Breaks Fanspage on Facebook

1. Create compelling content 

What kind of content does that mean? Surely it is a unique video and fishing anyone who watches him to comment. Although many comments have no effect on the earnings you get, but do you know? Content that makes a lot of people commented has a large ad CPC, because Facebook's own party considers that FP to have a high range of posts and reputation, so that the CPC will eventually generate bigger.

2. Traffic Audience has targets

This one process is very important because by target the audience the content will be read by the interest. For example, in order for you to understand that you are fanspage with a soccer theme, now you install the content of "Ronaldo". Then it will be posted ads with video viewically targeted at "Christiano Ronaldo", so the people who are fans or who like Ronaldo will see the content that we uploaded earlier. Not only up to there, after that you can click "Narrow" to equip your audience targeting. For example, with the word "Juventus", so automatically people who love Juventus will love the content too. This can make the earnings CPC bigger than usual.

3. Fulfill standard eligibility for Monetize

The important thing and not to be crossed is to make sure you have noticed well how the content of the video you will be airing. Among them is like not violating the standards of the community, complying with page rules or payment rules. For now, memonetize a video on Facebook fanpage is much easier when compared to Youtube channel. However, as time goes on, more and more violators have been made, making Facebook continue to update their policies. So you also need to keep updated on what's the latest thing in your Fb AD Breaks. Wrong in acting can decrease the quality of your Ad Breaks ' performance.

4. Keep Update regularly

There are still other tricks that need to be a concern for you, which is best to update regularly. Maybe for those of you who have other major jobs, it's better to first arrange a schedule or list of content you create. Although this one step also impressed very trivial, but this is the most severe tips. Do you know? Most people doing video updates periodically need passion and hard work and a high willingness to be accompanied. As for accelerating monetize, then you will have to fight it.

5. Promote to appropriate groups

One of the other ways to quickly get a lot of likes is by spreading the video or content that has been uploaded to the fanspage and share to several matching groups. For example your fanspage is about culinary fanspage and how to cook, then try to share to the group among mothers. For example, it is a group of housewives or groups of education and others. So the selected group must have the same interests/topics as the video you uploaded. Well, avoiding the abusive action rules on Facebook, it is better to share a maximum of 3 times to different groups only. Because if a share is too much consequently your account will be considered spam.

The description above is a variety of powerful tricks for those of you who want to earn bigger revenue in Facebook Ad Breaks. If you are a beginner and have succeeded at this level, you are worth a thumbs up. Actually, to be able to multiply income is not easy as seen, because just like any other social media account that is Youtube, Instagram takes persistence and patience to start and work. This is the main key to all the tips and how to increase the Facebook revenue that has been exposed above. 

Who the heck does not want to have a big income from the online world? This is everyone's dream. Although competition is getting harder, if you really pay attention to good Tips and how well and right, it will certainly be easier. You just need to be consistent and diligent in trying and keep learning new things. Please optimize the performance of your FB Fanspage through AD Break this? Congratulations try and good luck.