12 + benefits of Mengkudu fruit and things to note

The benefits of fruit Mengkudu-fruit that this one may be familiar in our ears, the fruit that is widely found in the Southeast Asian region including Indonesia has many benefits for health.
Fruits Mengkudu has also been believed since antiquity as a traditional medicine, no wonder now the fruit that one has been famous and believed its benefits to the health of the world-mates.
12 + benefits of Mengkudu fruit and things to note
12 + benefits of Mengkudu fruit and things to note
Why are many people who are reluctant to consume fruit?
Because this fruit has a stinging smell so rarely people who like it, but this fruit contains strong antioxidants such as Vitamin B3, vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron.

Fruit Mengkudu also conceived potassium substance, potassium is a mineral that can help in the durability of our body resistance.

To make sure that this fruit is beneficial to health.

Here are the benefits of Mengkudu fruit:

1. Increase Stamina

For those of you who have a solid activity or job, consuming the fruit of the Mengkudu can be trusted to add and increase stamina.
You can consume the fruits of mengkudu by the way made fruit juices mengkudu.

2. Reduce the risk of gout

Gout is the inflammation of the joints in the disebabkab of uric acid crystals in the joints.
In the study that has shown one of the benefits of Mengkudu can reduce the concentration of the asasm in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of gout.

3. can help digestive system

Have digestive problems or you who are difficult CHAPTER (defecation), you can eat the fruit of the Mengkudu. The Mengkudu that has a high fiber content can help to smooth the process of pencarnaan and to overcome constipation.

4. Helps prevent aging

The content of Vitamin C and Selenium that is found in the fruits of Mengkudu can fight free radicals, which can prevent aging and keep skin elasticity.

Because caring for the skin and keeping it healthy and youthful is important, especially for women.

5. Relieves pain

For women who often experience pain during menstruation or coming months, fruit mengkudu is believed to reduce pain during menstruation because of the sedative and analgesic content that is found in reducing pain in the body.

Not only pain at the time of menstruation, the fruit can also reduce pain in the joints, arthritis and other types of inflammation.

6. Accelerate in wound healing

Many people who complain of injuries that do not heal or do not quickly dry, it happens because the sugar levels are quite high.

You can control the sugar levels in the body by consuming the fruit of the mengkudu so that wound healing can be accelerated.

7. Can treat Fever

The study proved that the fruit of Mengkudu has a trait that is an antivirus that can eliminate fever, pain and cough.

8. Immunity may increase

By consuming fruit juice mengkudu can increase our immune, scopoletin because is found in fruit juice mengkudu has anti-fungal properties, anti bacteria, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatory so it can improve Immunity in our body.

9. Helps in controlling high blood pressure

The content of Scopoletin in the fruit of the Mengkudu besides can help increase immunity in the body, Mengkudu also contains tryptophan and Proxeronine that can apparently work helps in controlling high blood pressure and keep in order to keep Stable.

10. Can reduce Strees

The content of vitamins and nutrients in the fruit mengkudu can reduce your stress, but keep in mind consuming the juice Mengkudu not as well as your stress will disappear, need to be in balance with sports such as meditation and yoga.

11. Overcoming Acne

Besides being useful to prevent aging there are other benefits of fruit mengkudu for skin namely acne.
The source of Vitamin C found in the fruits of Mengkudu can help you to solve acne problem, not only acne only fruit mengkudu can also cope with dry skin and can remove black stains on the skin.

12. Overcoming Dandruff and lice

Since the time of old fruit Mengkudu can be trusted as a bug remover and dandruff. Bites caused by lice can cause infections occurring in the head klit, antiviral and Anti-bacterial content is able to eliminate lice and dandruff and also mengasi scalp infections.

13. Help Lose weight

If you have excessive weight, you can use the fruit of the Mengkudu because the content of nitric oxide that exists in the muscle used in the metabolism.

Nitric oxide serves to take fat cells in the body so that the fat in the body will decrease.

Fruits Mengkudu Mengkudu do have a lot of benefits, but there are things that should be observed sebaelum you consume fruit mengkudu.

Here's what to watch before consuming the fruit of the Mengkudu:

For mothers who are pregnant and are breastfeeding

The fruit has been believed to have a bad impact on the fetus and infant. If you are pregnant or nursing should avoid consuming the fruit of the Mengkudu.

Has kidney disease

It is necessary to be aware that the fruit has a potassium that is said to strengthen the people who have impaired kidney disease, it would be good if you avoid to consume the fruit of the Mengkudu.

 Be wise when you will consume something although it is natural and herbal, because everything has side effects that may be detrimental especially when consumed excessively.
It is important to consult your doctor before consuming something.

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