10 Secrets to an imitated Japanese success

Japan is famous as a developed and successful country in many respects. Japan is one of the world's technological centers, they contribute a variety of science that is reliable for human beings. And apparently, Japan has the best economic level in East Asia.

Japanese can be successful not without challenges, there are many challenges that have been successfully passed by Japanese society. Call it the Tsunami that bouncaged the sun in the year 2011 ago. The event had resulted in the Japanese economy wobbly. But it didn't take long for Japan to return to become a superior country.

What exactly are the secrets of Japanese success? Let's see the following :

1. Japanese people like to work hard

Japanese people like to work hard

The famous Japanese people like to work hard, this is one of their successful secrets. Japanese workers are used to work over 8 hours a day. Although this is not good for health, but the workers in Japan still do it. Reportedly, many Japanese workers died from this unhealthy habit, which is too long to work.

In fact hard work is not connected with the number of people working hours, but rather productivity and consistency in maintaining the quality of work. We can emulate the work ethic of the Japanese, but you should also watch the health of your body.

2. Cultural embarrassment High

Cultural embarrassment High

The secret to the success of the next Japanese is a culture of high shame. Japanese people will be very embarrassed when failing to do their job. Even a lot of Japanese people who do harakiri tradition, namely choose to commit suicide because it fails in task.

The culture of this high shame makes the Japanese punish itself when it fails or have no achievements in the work. Officials in Japan who are indicative of corruption or negligence in the task will choose to resign.

We can emulate the culture of the shame of the Japanese people, but do not need to commit suicide ya. It's okay! Shyness and not wanting to fail will make someone race to work better.

3. They are educated for independent since childhood

They are educated for independent since childhood

From an early age, the Japanese had educated their children to live independently. KINDERGARTEN Children in Japan are accustomed to carry their own bags and places to eat/drink to school. Even one of the additional tasks of KINDERGARTEN children in Japan is cleaning their school. Kinda extreme yes.

After graduating high school and college, the youths in Japan were no longer asking for money from parents. They work part time to pay tuition fees and living expenses. If they run out of money, they will borrow money to parents and will pay the debt later after having money.

4. Never give up as difficult as challenges

Never give up as difficult as challenges

We all know the destruction of the Japanese state when two of their important cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were diluled by the atomic bomb. The devastation of infrastructure has stopped all economic and political activities in the country. However, the worst damage was the psychological Society of Japan.

In addition to the atomic bomb tragedy on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Tsunami disaster that occurred in 2011 ago was also a blow to the Japanese state. Their infrastructure is severely damaged. However, all these challenges they went through well. And the result of Japan today became a super power country that dominates the world economy.

5. Loyalty and totality doing the job

The people of Sakura country are famous for their loyalty, and it is one of the secrets of the Japanese success. If the workers in Indonesia often change the workplace to get a better career and income, not so with Japanese people.

In Japan, a lot of companies prefer to accept fresh graduate into their karayawan. It aims to train the employees to understand the culture of working in the company and be able to work with totality and loyalty to the company.

Most Japanese people only work in one or two companies until they retire.

6. Always innovate and make improvements

Always innovate and make improvements

For Japanese people, the best work will never be perfect. The secrets of the success of the Japanese one should we emulate and apply in the work.

According to some sources, Japanese people are not inventors. But they are able to develop every invention into something better and acceptable to many people.

There are many Japanese products that have been circulating in various parts of the world. This does not make them proud of themselves, even continue to make improvements to the product until it becomes something awesome. One example is a Japanese car that has continued to change and repair.

7. Keeping tradition and respecting parents

Keeping tradition and respecting parents

The world recognizes that Japan is one of the world's technological centers. However, the development of the era and technological advances did not necessarily make the Japanese lose their identity. The Japanese are very appreciative and keep well with its ancestral traditions.

It is said that the tradition of Japanese people threw their parents into the forest, as they were considered as burdens. But this tradition has not been done anymore, even the Japanese nowadays are famous for their parents very respectful.

One of the traditions that became the secret of the success of Japanese people is the tradition of apologizing first by bending. Sometimes Japanese people bend for no apparent reason.

8. Famous Japanese people love reading

Famous Japanese people love reading

When visiting Japan, you may be surprised to see the electric train passengers in Japan. From children to adults in Japan, they love reading, whether it's books, magazines, or newspapers.

This reading habit is certainly a good thing. By reading then the horizon thinks a person will be more open and knowledgeable.

If you want to apply these Japanese people success tips, make sure you read something useful yes. For example books on self-development, or books on general knowledge.

9. Living sparingly and remotely from hedonism

Living sparingly and remotely from hedonism

If some Indonesians buy luxury cars because they want to look rich by borrowing money, this will not be found in Japan. They are intelligent in managing funds, these secrets of successful Japanese people are actually very easy to apply, believe me!

Japan country we know as a car manufacturer and gadget cool, but the fact that Japanese people precisely choose a simple lifestyle. Japanese workers prefer walking, biking and public transportation when going to work. And the gadget users in Japan prefer to save money instead of buying the latest gadget output.

They like to save, invest, or buy more valuable needs than buying expensive items.

10. Working in Team work

Working in Team work

The Japanese are accustomed to working with team work. They are more than happy to work in groups rather than work themselves. So does the work. Japanese people prefer to claim a result as a team achievement

There are anecdotes that "one Japanese professor will lose with one American professor, but 10 American professors will not be able to defeat the group's 10 Japanese professors."

The culture of this team work is certainly something very good. One difficult problem could be sooner completed when done together by a solid team.

Well, above are the 10 successful secrets of Japanese people that we can emulate.