10+ How to keep your Medsos (social Media) account safe

Security in an account profile in cyberspace is a priority in order for others not to guess even using the account profile that we have. So this time let us discuss what to prepare so that our accounts in the virtual world remain safe and peaceful without anyone trying to open and use it.
10+ How to keep your Medsos (social Media) account safe

Social Media that we use such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp, Google + and Line. There is a lot of account theft at this time then you are obliged to follow the tips and tricks below that you can keep your account safe. The acquisition of a sosmed account can be fatal because it can be misused like fraud.

10 ways to keep your Medsos (social Media) account safe

1. Try to use a password and username that you think is unique until the other person will never realize that it is your password. I also often use a sentence for a password account even I also often use large and small letters such as: I'msomeonewhowill notgiveup. It may seem ribet but the excitement is what makes our passwords difficult to guess by cyber criminals.

2. Enter Password by copypaste instead of typing directly. If you are a person who often visit the internet cafe or public, you should first prepare the password on a flash and then copypaste it when you want to login in the cafe. This action prevents cyber criminals methods called keylogger (more easily this keylogger is a trick that can make our finger history on the keyboard)

3. not forget to always clear the cache or history browser after you use it, because usually in the cache of the browser it is often stored password, so do not forget to delete browser history and cache the browser Yaa!
4. not easily believe in the lure of the lure on the Internet. Suppose  "Bom like and comment, how to stay input your email and password at this link " Heart with that like that because it's the method of cyber criminals too who often called  "phising " How it works SII if you enter email and password That is in the link then your email and password will be sent to the cyber-sewing actors who create that link.

5. When you are in the Internet cafe/public do not let others see you when you enter the password you use to login to your account, so as much as you can tutupin the keyboard when you enter your account password.

6. you have a social media account (virtual world) more than one, then the password is cultivated one account with another different and do not forget to follow the rule number 1 that I give to prevent the existence of cyber criminals who try to enter your account.
7. you use a WiFi-ID or connection that is in the open area, then suddenly appears pop-up telling you to enter the email and password again then do not you enter because it is also one of the methods that are biasean by cyber criminals.
8. not forget to save your password, can be in Notepad application or even in the original book and do not forget also to save the date when you create the account, because when your account entered cyber criminals, you can still replace the password with To enter your account creation date of birth.
9. Be careful when you will sell your account, when you want to trade your account, you must use a third party (joint account) in order to prevent fraud.
10. that is very important, do not give your email or password to anyone else for any reason. The risk never give, whether it be to friends or even foreigners who do not obviously arrive for your password. You have the right to protect your own virtual world account and any risks you have on your own.

    That's 10 ways social Media accounts stay safe that I can share for you. I think if you bener Bener do 10 ways above then it can be ensured your account will remain safe.

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