1 Adsense account is ideally for how many blogs!!! Here's the explanation

Working as a writer on a site or having a Blog/WEB itself is a fun job. What's more if you do wholeheartedly and that's because Hobby is not because it pursues revenue. There is one problem that becomes the pros and cons for blog owners who have many Adsense accounts?
1 Adsense account is ideally for how many blogs!!! Here's the explanation
1 Adsense account is ideally for how many blogs!!! Here's the explanation
Dizziness and frustration of having to check the account is a violation or not. There is a term "do not place the same basket of eggs " means do not use one Adsense account with many blogs. If an error occurs then the entire Blog will get the affected.

Recently I read on the blog Juragancipir.Com where there is one of his customers questioning about the "tips to use 1 Adsense account for many blogs ". To manage many Adsense accounts is not easy so advise from me enough 1 account only but you are good care well it will be safe until then.

It's not new if the Adsense account was Banned by Google due to the cheating of others. If we only use one account then every day can monitor via Smartphone. Just imagine if you have multiple Adsense accounts and have to Login repeatedly on the same device. Dizziness, Stress and finally you will be lazy to check the health of your account.

If you use 1 Adsense account you can monitor which blogs are committing violations and quickly you can take action. One quick action you can do is temporarily uninstalling Adsense ads until the condition improves on that blog. That's a simple tip using 1 Adsense account.

Then what is the ideal Blog/WEB If we use 1 Adsense account. As some bloggers Mastah (Mas Sugeng) limit the number of blogs/Web in 1 Adsense account. The function of this is to make it easier to check the movement in the ad. If you're using Android PHONES, we can see the clickthrough rate (CTR).

If that high Adsense CPC is good news but if the percentage of CTR is high then you should be wary of it. There is actually no limit to the Blog for one Adsense account but just imagine if your blog 100 is installed on 1 account then how to view it. What's more, the blog traffic is a small average and it's easiest to hit Google alerts.

1 good Adsense account used for a minimum of 3 blogs and a maximum of 10 blogs

Why do I mention 3 blogs instead of 1 Blog?... If 1 blog and a trafic is in and not enough, Adsense revenue can be no more than $100 per month. If you use 3 blogs then I'm sure you can PO every month. Udah daily time tired but on the 21st or 22nd no payday, it's sad hehehe.

Then why a maximum of just 10 blogs instead of 100 blogs aja, Khan no Limit?... Do not be greedy because if it is in your mind, God will not give you the best for you. Manage at least 5 to 10 Blog only and Update in turn. See the results you will not be giddy and all blogs can update with the time not long.

Currently I only manage 4 blogs only and I do updates every day. Once when managing 1 Blog I can update 4 to 6 articles in one day. Currently each of my blogs updates daily with one article. The results of the Blog are considered active by Google and each of my writing is easy Page One. Unlike the infrequent blog Update, the more days your Blog ranks will degenerate.

How, quite obviously not my story above... Hopefully open your eyes and your mind to create a Blog just as you can. Use one Adsense account and be well cared for so you can earn monthly salary from Adsense. If you do not agree with me please comment below!!!